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Places to go for updates when Tweb is down?

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  • Places to go for updates when Tweb is down?

    Not sure if me not knowing it was the fault of me not paying attention or it not being advertised enough, but when Tweb went down for a few days for the ugprade I had no idea what was going on, and I had no idea of where I could go to look for answers. For future reference, is there anywhere someone could go to if Tweb is temporarily unavailable to get information on what's going on, as obviously someone couldn't go to the site itself?

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    Tweb has a facebook page. Had it since the crash several years ago since the 2014 crash, if not earlier.


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      You can also email us at

      i check that account usually once a day, but was doing so more often when we were down. It's the place to go if you have trouble logging in.

      Securely anchored to the Rock amid every storm of trial, testing or tribulation.


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        Sorry about that Ter. We put a notice up here on tweb for a couple of weeks before the upgrade saying what we were planning and to go to the facebook page to keep up while it was down. You can go to that group by clicking the tab up at the top of the page (of course if we are down you can't do that, so better to do it now and join the group so you have it for the future)


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