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The "D.C. Five"

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  • The "D.C. Five"

    Heard of them?

    I hadn't until I read the following by Emily Erin Davis (vice president of communications for Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America), so you know where she stands.

    It's a story about several potential cases of partial or even post birth abortions that apparently old Joe is stepping into to keep from being investigated.

    Source: Biden’s Support For ‘Three-Trimester’ Abortions Explains Why His DOJ Won’t Probe Death Of Five Babies

    Biden’s bureaucrats have allegedly ordered the disposal of brutalized aborted babies while POTUS touts all-trimester abortions.

    Last week, in a bombshell press conference led by Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, and Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., lawmakers and pro-life activists demanded justice for the “D.C. Five.” After two years, the bodies of five babies who may have succumbed to infanticide by a D.C. abortionist have yet to be autopsied or investigated. There’s a renewed urgency now because President Biden’s administration recently weighed in, telling the D.C. medical examiner that they have no need for these children’s bodies, which would end any investigation into potential federal abortion crimes.

    Why would the Biden administration reportedly put its thumb on the scales here?

    Well, judging by Biden’s 2024 presidential campaign, if there’s one thing he’s proving to love more than Matlock, it’s late-term abortion. So much so that he’s making abortion a centerpiece of his 2024 campaign. He just kicked off an abortions-around-America tour, and now he’s allegedly involved in this potential federal abortion scandal.

    This is a case so gruesome that when members of Congress displayed the photo evidence of the potential crime, there were audible gasps in the expansive hearing room.

    That’s because the “evidence” was photos of the brutalized bodies of five late-term aborted children. These were fully identifiable babies out of the womb, now known as the “D.C. Five.” Or as the National Abortion Federation called the intact babies, “post-abortion tissue.”

    This case is now being looked at as a federal crime by Republicans in Congress because the White House-neighboring abortion facility is suspected of carrying out illegal born-alive or partial-birth abortions. Washington D.C., alongside eight other states, allows abortion throughout all nine months, for any reason. But when it comes to born-alive or partial-birth abortions, there are federal laws that still apply.

    So naturally with such a contentious and barbaric case, you’d figure our nation’s leader would keep his powder dry and stay far away from it. Well, you would figure wrong.

    According to emails obtained by the Center for Medical Progress, the National Abortion Federation claims to have been working with Biden’s Department of Justice on the investigation. Other reports found that the Biden administration reached out to the D.C. medical examiner sharing that they have no use for these bodies, thereby cementing that there will be no autopsies or investigation. This means there will be no way to confirm or deny if a federal crime was committed.

    If the Biden admin doesn’t change their minds or something seismic doesn’t happen, then the D.C. medical examiner will have to dispose of the bodies. There have been some calls from Congress for the DOJ to conduct a full investigation into the deaths of these children. A recent letter showcased 35 pro-life groups calling on House Speaker Mike Johnson to immediately intervene and circumvent Biden world’s reported calls for disposal.

    But instead of coming to the table to work together, Joe Biden was recently seen in Nevada on the campaign trail touting late-term abortion and taking a few jabs at former President Trump.

    “I love how Trump is saying Biden is for abortion on demand. That’s not true. That’s not what Roe v. Wade said. It said the three trimesters,” Biden said.

    If the evidence of the D.C. Five case proves anything, and according to his own words, it may be that the only limits Biden supports on abortion are in the fourth trimester.

    Regardless of where Biden draws the line (or doesn’t) on abortion, one thing confounds me. How is it that when his bureaucrats have allegedly ordered the disposal of brutalized aborted babies, can he simultaneously go on national television and tout his support for all-trimester abortions?

    President Joe Biden and his team could solve this case of the brutalized D.C. Five in an instant if they wanted to. They could help put this case and the five children’s bodies to peaceful rest, instead of dooming them to medical waste without an autopsy. Importantly, this could be a moment of true bipartisanship, where Republicans and Democrats work to solve this potential crime and uphold federal law.

    But tragically, in this moment, there is no justice for the D.C. Five. And with each passing day, short of a miracle intervention, their bodies inch closer and closer into the ash heap of history.


    © Copyright Original Source

    Personally, I'm far more concerned over what happened to those five than in any possible political ramifications.

    I'm always still in trouble again

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    I've privately been a little pessimistic lately about the future of the pro-life movement after Trump started aggressively running to the left of DeSantis on the issue (coinciding with a rise in his poll numbers, teaching him and others a lesson that they don't have to care about the issue), so it's a net positive for the issue to come back up in a way he and others can't ignore. But obviously nobody can take joy in a Kermit Gosnell 2.0 situation.

    Edit: And I just saw the headline about him proposing a ban after 16 weeks. Fair enough.
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