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Are You A Contractor?

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  • Are You A Contractor?

    Rules on what a contractor is, and is not, are being addressed in court...
    Watch your links!

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    This has been debated for years with regard to ministers.

    For IRS TAX purposes, for example, most pastors are "employees" and should be issued a W2. (there are notable exceptions)
    For SOCIAL SECURITY purposes, they are often "self employed" as independent contractors, and subject to paying "both halves" of social security payments (usually one half is paid by the employer) unless they were exempt by form 4361.

    Part of the distinction (over simplified) was that if the "employer" had requirements for you to work at specific times (preaching the morning service, for example) at a specific place (their pulpit) you were an employee. If you set your own hours and provided your own tools, you were "self employed".

    Interesting to see this in cases like Uber.
    The first to state his case seems right until another comes and cross-examines him.


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