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Why there will be more civil unrest to come.

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  • Why there will be more civil unrest to come.

    But it's not necessarily Trump or even Obama's fault, so it isn't a partisan thing. It's the FEDERAL RESERVE.

    Folks are so confused about this issue, so I'll try and explain as brief as possible. It's a complex issue and I did the best I could to explain it in detail here, albeit in extremely long and mundane posts. To make a long story short: the federal reserve (central bank) created trillions of dollars after the crisis of 2008 (ignore the official government "bailout" because this has nothing to do with that). Basically all that money flowed (and is still flowing) into the financial system, which ends up inflating asset prices like equities (stocks). This causes the stock market to skyrocket much faster than the rest of the economy can recover. This means that the stock market is almost exclusively driven by these inflated asset prices caused by the Fed's money pumping (and anyone doubting this can now see the CLEAR evidence -- the stock market has almost reached its 2019 highs, yet the economy has crashed and the rest of society is tearing apart at the seams -- does that make any sense?).

    Because the top wealthy elite own most of the stock market assets (anywhere from 80-90%), this makes them extremely wealthy -- insanely wealthy -- while the rest of the economy lags behind.

    The Fed also lowers interest rates, which not only entices the masses and the government to take on more debt than they can handle, but pulverizes savers. Even those above the poverty line (middle class) struggle to accumulate any meaningful savings because they're not earning any interest on what they put in the bank. Also, low interest rates entices companies to use that borrowed money to buy their own stocks (buybacks) instead of actually investing in production expansion. Since they don't have to worry about interest on those loans, they can be more reckless with it and gamble. Obviously expanding production benefits the whole economy. Buying back stocks benefits only those few in the stock market (the wealthy class). These effects create extreme social imbalances and thus results in a number of societal ills, not the least of which is an insane wealth gap where a few are seeing their wealth increase while the rest struggle to maintain their quality of life.

    Most of us with a little economic knowledge know the economic data, though it can look positive, doesn't always reflect the real story (of course conservatives knew this to be true under Obama, but for partisan reasons they obviously changed their tune under Trump -- but it was basically the same). Yes, the unemployment rate is lowering, but many, if not most of the jobs are low paying. Low paying jobs with massive debt and the inability to save anything meaningful = most folks are living from paycheck to paycheck.

    The MSM (owned by the wealthy elites who are getting insanely rich from the stock market bubble) propagates the booming stock market and low unemployment as a sign that the economy is doing GREAT and we should all be happy, when in reality folks are struggling to get by, which just creates more animosity between the haves and the have nots. The animosity and economic frustration can be very subtle and build over many years. The effects of it can occur in drips and drabs within society or just explode like it has now, though it doesn't always manifest as an economic issue. It can manifest in many various ways, like racial issues, or sexism issues, or political issues, or an unjust cop killing that gets a lot of media attention, but the underlying cause is still economic. This is why we've seen everything get so crazy in the last several years. It was brewing and building. We even saw hints of civil unrest under Obama, but this was just a microcosm. A lot of folks don't even know why they're angry, so the current or trendy issue just becomes a convenient outlet. Right now that outlet is racism, but this too is just a microcosm of what's coming down the pike.

    The even worse news is that NOTHING whatsoever has been fixed since 2008, but is getting much worse. The federal reserve did unprecedented things during 2008 which is causing this unrest, and now they have exceeded to levels of insanity. Even IF the economy "recovers," it will not be any better than it was prior to the shutdown, which was already bad, yet every indication is that it won't even recover to the level it was before. On top of that, we have insane amounts of debt and deficits that we didn't even have before. And on top of that, with all this insane money printing, we will undoubtedly have inflation. Though we'll likely see imbalances of it -- prices on some things rising, while other prices deflate -- or stagflation.

    More unrest is coming. This is just an economic fact.

    Trump's fault in all this (as well as Obama) is that he wasn't leveling with the public about these monetary mechanisms (though he did warn about it BEFORE he got elected, so he was well aware of this fact), but was touting a lie in order to boost his own ego. Sadly, the conservatives carried his water and went along with it in order to show everyone how great Trump was doing (though in fairness, many conservatives don't understand these mechanisms themselves). But again, I must emphasize, Trump is not to be solely blamed for the economic mechanisms behind all this (though he did pressure Powell into continuing to perpetuate the same policies under his watch), as this had already been occurring a decade before him.
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    Inflation at 40 year highs.

    I won't offer any sources because I'm sure you're all aware of this by now. But now as the stimulus money has dried up, as expected, it looks like industrial production is "unexpectedly" slowing...


    Seasonal retail sales have "unexpectedly" slowed...


    All the delusional Keynesian economists that were sure we were booming are scratching their heads. And the Hawkish Fed (federal reserve) is just on the cusp of tightening their monetary policies which will bring more recession pain (discussed here).

    And, in spite of what the Fed does, we're most likely still at the tip of the iceberg seeing the symptoms (price rises) of all the inflation (money printing) that was created not just in the last two years, but in the last decade. You know where this all leads... say it with me... STAGFLATION. 2022's gonna be an advent.

    It's good to know that the MSM economists are finally catching on to something we knew was coming almost two years ago.
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      Originally posted by seanD View Post


      It's good to know that the MSM economists are finally catching on to something we knew was coming almost two years ago.
      It's fascinating to see how many things that virtually everyone outside of government with more than two working brain cells can see coming from a mile away, that they declare were unforeseen consequences.

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