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“To some extent, and with respect to my white liberal friends in the white liberal base, these are people for whom politics is a deeply-held ideological passion,” he said. “The groups of people who have the most at stake – African Americans, Hispanics, LGBT – are much for serious for Hillary. They have got to be serious. White liberals get a psychic income for supporting Bernie Sanders, but they won’t suffer much if a Republican becomes president.”

Since the Netroots conference, Sanders has worked #BlackLivesMatter rhetoric into his speeches, and reached out to activists. But according the most recent Washington Post/ABC News poll, non-white Democratic voters give Hillary Clinton a net favorable rating of 77 points. Sanders’ net rating is just 19 points. Some of that is a function of Sanders lower name ID, but 23 percent of non-white voters view Sanders negatively – and only 9 percent view Clinton that way.


"Does Bernie Sanders really want to talk about job creation?" he asked. "It’s all he talks about. The fact that job creation and similar economic topics is mostly what he talks about is the supposed racial critique!"

They surely didn't intend to, but the critics talked right around the protesters. The best way of understanding what the fuss was about is to watch one of the many videos shot from the thick of the Netroots protest. At 8:47, in a video uploaded by Andrew Davey, you can hear protesters demand that Sanders explain how he'll ameliorate racism in America. You can watch Sanders give what he thinks is complete answer -- and be denounced.

"We're going to transform the economics in America so that we create millions of decent-paying jobs," said Sanders in the clip. "We're going to make tuition at public colleges free."
Bernie Sanders is shaping up to be the Sarah Palin of the Democratic Party. I feel a little sorry for him, it's obvious he wants to talk about jobs because he wants to win the general and because he's probably aware that the #blacklivesmatter movement is based on hysterical lies, but the Democratic Party's strategy of flaming up racial tensions is blowing up in his face. The mummified Clinton witch benefits the most because her well cemented reputation as a liar and grifter means the general public has a much easier time pretending that the things she says that they like are true and the ones she says that they don't like aren't true.