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Daily Mail shows why photo suppression is story suppression

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  • Daily Mail shows why photo suppression is story suppression

    If I had read something like this:

    A white supremacist gunned down his gay boss for sexually abusing one of his young relatives, he told the court during his first appearance on Tuesday.

    'Doing time's the easy part, you know what I'm saying?' Kenneth Morgan Stancil III, 20, said as he was ushered out of the courtroom in Daytona Beach, Florida.

    He is accused of walking into Wayne County Community College in Goldsboro, North Carolina on Monday and killing his former supervisor, Ronald Lane, 44, before fleeing on a motorbike.

    He was arrested more than 500 miles away early on Tuesday after officers found him sleeping on a Florida beach. He will be extradited back to North Carolina to face a charge of open murder.
    ..I may have put it down to simple gang-related activity. But then I see the pictures of the victim and the perp:

    Before a 20-year old gets publicly propositioned by his gay boss

    After a 20-year old gets publicly propositioned by his gay boss. Seems to have found an intense interest in brotherhood, so I guess that's positive.

    40-year old Gay boss, being hungry like the wolf. Tasteless but maybe not especially creepy...

    According to the story, the boy in the front had been a 'boyfriend' for 12 years before recently committing suicide. No points for guessing how underage he was when the relationship started. As a man, how much would your reputation and sexual market value at age 20 be affected if a dude like this started saying how much he wanted you publicly?

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say it was less the harrassing of "a friend" that led to what was basically an actually solid kid (I'll run with the now-single mother and say HE A GOOD BOY) throwing his life away than the direct advances made by the 'victim' on someone he had employment power over. Obviously(sigh) we must still punish him to the fullest extent of the law, because America isn't America unless it protects the right of 40-year old gays to cruise freely on the 20-and-under crowd. Then again, if I had only read the text and not seen the pictures, would there have been nearly as much detailed understanding of what likely went down?


    1. If a 20-year old woman had killed her 40-year old male boss after he repeatedly sexually propositioned her, would she likely be facing jail time? Charges? Condemnation in the respectable press?

    2. Same as above, but for a lesbian female boss?

    3. It seems rather obvious that the guy felt the need to get the facial tats before he went to prison, so he'd have an immediate "in" with any Aryan gangs immediately. Why might a man like that not trust the larger system to take care of him?

    4. Much like the Emmitt Till case, isn't this really a case of sexual harassment enforcement gone too far?

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