As it turns out, there's a handy online site that lets you track employment inequalities between men and women. Here are the current exemplars of employment equality:

1. Togo
2. Rwanda
3. Burundi
4. Tanzania
5. Congo
6. Laos
7. Myanmar
8. Sierra Leone
9. Malawi
10. Uganda

Pack your bags for equalitarian paradise!

The widest employment gaps are, as expected, almost all in Islamic or Islam-heavy nations, i.e., the ones that are overproducing young disconnected men to fight their various religious wars. Would like to see a graph that didn't count military or madrassah involvement to see how some of these results skew.

Looking over the graph, a 10-20% employment gap between men and women seems to be the cutoff point where you see actual signs of civilization, though by no means the only contributing factor. (Also it's worth noting that the narrowing of the gap, at least in Western countries, seems to always coincide with a lowering of the total employment rate, meaning that it's probably less a sign of actual development over greater employment pressures and competition.)