The Nova Scotia Supreme Court dismissed a decision by the province’s Barristers Society to deny TWU graduates accreditation.
Judge ruling
TWU community covenant

Law society in Ottawa and British Columbia have decided to not accredited law graduates from Trinity Western University over the past few month. The Law Societies claim that TWU students would be unable to fairly represent gay clients and that the School discriminates against gay students.

Yet no one has been able to prove or show any form of discrimination on TWU parts or any of it's graduates. Nor produced a single example of anyone being expelled because of the covenant. There is no evidence that any graduates have been unable to work with and serve various groups of people.

Trinity is not saying "no gay students allowed." TWU is asking is that students conform their behavior to a religious based code while they voluntarily attending a religious based private University. It asks all students and staff to refrain from sex outside of heterosexual marriage. This affects straight single people, dating, or common law couples, as well as homosexual students. The covenant also prohibits students from participating other legal activities like drinking and smoking while attending.

Trinity Western does not have a monopoly on law schools in BC. Students can don't like TWU policy can go to another law school. However the Law Societies do have a monopoly on who can practice law in certain provinces in Canada and are discriminating against TWU graduates.