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The mainstream media's history of active complicity in encouraging violent criminals

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  • The mainstream media's history of active complicity in encouraging violent criminals

    Apparently certain people here have been wondering why they can't find DIRECT EVIDENCE OF POLICE NOT POLICING in the Ferguson case. Nicholas Stix has a good overview on why:

    If the MSM did have any honesty, they would have asked questions along the following lines:

    -What injuries did Mike Brown inflict on Officer Wilson?
    -Why did Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, not apologize to the South Asian convenience store manager whom her son had robbed, assaulted and battered, or to the white policeman, whom her son had attacked and had probably sought to murder?
    -Why would a mother who was supposedly racked with grief immediately run out and engage the nation’s most racist, unethical lawyer, Benjamin Crump, whose specialty is race hoaxes and shaking down white taxpayers?
    -Does Lesley McSpadden intend to share any of her misbegotten windfall with the store owners whose lives her son and his supporters have destroyed?
    -What sort of people respond to their friend robbing a store by looting and burning down a store—and then, a few days later, realizing that they’d hit the wrong store, looting and burning down a second store?
    -What kind of people burn down their own town?
    -Why are “respectable” blacks supporting the rioters and looters?
    -Why do the “eyewitness” stories contradict each other so, and why are they so lacking in credibility?
    -“Why didn’t they shoot those looters?”—in the words of a black Ferguson resident. (In fact, police-inflicted injuries seem vanishingly rare).
    -Why are President Obama and the highest lawman in the land, Attorney General Eric Holder, conspiring to obstruct justice, and violate the civil rights of white Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson?

    The MSM have followed the same script they followed in promoting the Trayvon Martin Hoax. They are trying to score millions for the family of the “victim” (and his lawyers); diminish, excuse, and glorify black felons; handcuff and demonize white policemen; and get the man who killed their darling murdered.
    This is done mainly by language control, which routinely violates AP style guides, but no one gets punished for.

    St. Louis Riverfront Times reporter Jessica Lussenhop published the Trayvon-style picture of a much younger, smaller, and cuter Mike Brown (allegedly 16, but looking more like 12), and quoted family members on his hopes of becoming a rapper. [Family of Michael Brown, Teenager Shot to Death By Ferguson Police, Talks About His Life, August 10, 2014]

    Apparently, he already was an accomplished racist, gutter-mouth rapper (warning: listening to this may be physically painful), who bragged of sex and killing, but the family didn’t want the public hearing his “art.” [Listen to Mike Brown’s VERY Explicit Rap Songs Featuring Drugs, Drinking and Murder,, August 15, 2014]The MSM deal in the Politically Correct euphemisms.

    As still with Trayvon Martin two-and-a-half years after his death, there is clearly a newsroom rule whereby a black thug who died violently following his own violent act must be described as “unarmed:” “Unarmed black teenager” (7,180,000 hits at Google). “Unarmed black” + “Sean Bell” (13,100, but that’s because the case is almost eight years old). “Unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin” (92,800). “Unarmed black teen Michael Brown” gets 830,000 hits.

    But all were armed with deadly weapons—Bell with the car he was driving, bumping an undercover cop; Martin with the ground, into which he was smashing George Zimmerman’s head; Brown, aside from his attempt at murdering Officer Wilson with the latter’s service weapon, with a 6’4,” 292 lbs., body.
    Stix, uncharacteristically, leaves out Mike Brown's affiliation with the Bloods, and Trayvon Martin's affiliation with the Crips, but apparently asking about these things is just completely out of the question for national media. The last paragraph, though, is gold:

    Like Brown’s family, the MSM have been trying to get Officer Wilson murdered. On Friday, CNN showed his house and street number, and named the street. The Daily Mail then repeated the offense. And on Saturday, Yahoo News reportorialist Jason Sickles published Wilson’s photograph.[DEATH WISH? Media Draws Map to Home of Ferguson Police Officer Who Shot Mike Brown, by Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit, August 16, 2014,]

    Wilson will not only have to move, but change his and family’s names, and possibly flee the country. There’s a special circle in hell for Sickles and his ilk.

    Many observers think the MSM get “duped” or “fall for” these race hoaxes. But I have been studying race hoaxes since Tawana Brawley in 1988, and by the Duke Rape Hoax I concluded that the MSM are never fooled. They are always active collaborators—and in some cases, e.g., the AP’s Tom Hays, spin hoaxes out of whole cloth on their own.

    The primary legal and moral blame for the riots and looting must go to the black rioters and looters themselves. Next comes what passes for their families and “the community.”

    But the reason they felt so empowered was police passivity.

    In Los Angeles in 1992; Seattle and Cincinnati in 2001; Baghdad in 2003; Ferguson, in 2014, and countless other incidents, looters ran wild—because they saw policemen or Marines ordered by their commanding officers to passively stand down.

    Thousands of years ago, men had learned that the only effective way to deal with anarchy and looting is by what editor Peter Brimelow has called “ruthless coercion.”

    Why then, were the men whose job it was to coerce looters standing by and watching?

    Because American policemen realize that the Main Stream Media are undeclared combatants in a race war. They focus on whites shooting non-whites, so they can demonize the good guys.

    We need to stop talking about “media bias”—and start talking about media evil.
    Click the original Vdare link at the top to get a version with all the links to the original stories. It is, of course, more well-sourced than anything Jesse the Racist or square_peg or myth bother to come up with in their daily media perusals, and it's well worth your time to donate to them just to encourage actual journalism rather than careerist propaganda disguised as reporting.

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    The old adage "if it bleeds, it leads", must inspire the current crop of "journalists" to "gin up new business".
    The first to state his case seems right until another comes and cross-examines him.


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      Epo, I understand you probably don't like me because I've spoken out against stuff that you post. But I think it’s hilarious that you're going to call me out on this topic, of all things.

      First off, I'm entirely aware that MSM tried to lynch George Zimmerman. I actually posted about it at the time, complaining of their blatant disregard for the facts of the case. Heck, I've seen the same behavior from our local regional TV station, and even our small-town newspaper here. I have zero trust and little respect for journalists because of this type of thing that so frequently happens. So this is one of those rare times when I find myself agreeing with you, Epo.

      So now you're going to mock me for not finding direct evidence of the police failing to stop the looting? I posted at that the time with the truth -- I hadn't read anything about it. This doesn't mean that it does not exist, or even that I can't find it. I said this because I hadn’t the time to look into it further. It was a simple, brief comment. There's no need to carry on (and on and on and on) about it.

      Secondly, why do you think it would be so hard to find something in print about it? Our friends in the media are always quick to report anything negative about the police and they love fanning the fire, so to speak. This is a highly emotional situation and a big story. I'd fully expect the media to want to fling more feces at the Ferguson PD by doing a story about how they're 'not doing their jobs'. Frankly, I’m surprised that you don’t seem expect this as well.

      And now, since I’ve yet to see you post an article that directly addresses the question we were discussing…while continuing to mock me for not doing so, I’ll post a few articles:

      That’s all I was looking for, Epo. And it’s pretty simple. I was just looking something documenting the goings-on about the police not stopping looters.

      I’m not sure why you either could not or would not provide that, yet still felt the need to make elaborate posts that failed to address the topic at hand – and to go out of your way to mock me about it. It’s a pity that you’ve acted so childishly over this, but then I suppose I shouldn’t have expected anything different.

      I’m done arguing with you about this.
      "If you believe, take the first step, it leads to Jesus Christ. If you don't believe, take the first step all the same, for you are bidden to take it. No one wants to know about your faith or unbelief, your orders are to perform the act of obedience on the spot. Then you will find yourself in the situation where faith becomes possible and where faith exists in the true sense of the word." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer, The Cost of Discipleship


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        Originally posted by myth View Post
        Epo, I understand you probably don't like me because.....
        Hmmmm... is THIS what this is all about?
        The first to state his case seems right until another comes and cross-examines him.


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          Slightly off topic, but not so much.....

          My Police Academy days were, of course, WAY before youtube, so I have thus far been unable to find a youtuberized version of this...

          In one of my classes, they dealt with the way media handles cop incidents.

          So my professor played a video (showed us a movie) after setting up the story...

          A news team in Los Angeles was doing an "expose'" on how bad the cops were, and they were using police scanners to respond to radio calls to film "bad stuff". They would pull up in a van near a traffic stop, for example, and set up cameras and hyperbolic listening devices hoping to catch something juicy.

          One day, a white cop pulled over a black driver, and the news van was there to record. The officer approached the vehicle, asked for the requisite driver's license and insurance, and the driver claimed he left them at home. The officer wrote down the man's SSN, and was walking back to his patrol unit, when the black man leaned out of his car window with a handgun, and shot the officer in the back as the officer was walking away. Quite professionally and instinctively, the officer pulls his duty weapon as he spins around, being shot three more times. As he's falling backward, the officer returns fire, killing the driver, then collapsing on the ground.

          The reporter runs across the street, where he finds that the officer is in pain, but had been wearing his "second chance vest" (I'm pretty sure that was the brand) and only suffered a bruised kidney and a cracked rib. (It's assumed that the cracked rib was from his fall on the pavement, not the impact of the bullet)

          Anyway, that had been a huge campaign of that TV station, and this reporter gained a new respect for the job of the cop.
          Last edited by Cow Poke; 08-20-2014, 05:26 PM.
          The first to state his case seems right until another comes and cross-examines him.


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