So says Vox Day, and I can't really argue with it:

He quotes a Washington Examiner article which (Shock! Horror!) finally says what's been said all along at places like VDare:

A group dedicated to saving the planet by cutting runaway population increases is raising a new and shocking [only if you read only newspapers -ed] issue in Washington’s bitter fight over immigration reform: Most of the nation’s population growth is from immigrants, and they are consuming resources dangerously fast.

According to Negative Population Growth Inc., 80 percent of the growth in U.S. population comes from immigration, legal, illegal and among American-born children of immigrants.

“With increased population, we see a direct increase in the problems our nation faces on a daily basis: pollution, over-consumption, traffic gridlock, crowded schools and hospitals, overburdened social services, unemployment, crumbling infrastructure, urban sprawl, over-development, threatened or extinct animal and plant species, and dwindling natural resources,” said said Tracy Canada, the group’s deputy director.
What's firstfloor's take on this, and can he provide me with resources indicating that the Globull Warming Krew have been constant friends of people like FAIR or VDare, given that their interests should obviously align on this issue?