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Energy-Starved 'Planet Of The Apes' What Greens Want

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  • Energy-Starved 'Planet Of The Apes' What Greens Want

    Editorial at Investers Business Daily
    Energy-Starved 'Planet Of The Apes' What Greens Want

    For those who haven't seen the latest blockbuster movie, "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes," it portrays a future with small colonies of humans fighting for survival against an Earth now ruled by monkeys, gorillas and other simians.

    What mankind needs most to survive and restore a semblance of normal life is electricity aka power. Without it, we have no light, no communications, no way to travel but on foot, no computer power, no heat, no stoves. The apes want to keep the humans poor, disoriented and in a hopeless state.

    A turning point arrives with cheers in the theater when the humans return an electric power dam to operation and the entire city powers up again.

    Which leads us to wonder if this movie is a metaphor for what we face in our real future. Not a future of apes, but a future without cheap and abundant power.

    Is this where the radical green movement is guiding us with rolling brownouts and even complete blackouts in the years ahead as the Sierra Club, billionaire Tom Steyer and the Obama administration rage war against coal and other fossil fuel?

    The apocalypse confronting America may not be "climate change," but the havoc and slow return to the Stone Age the left envisions for us to fight an alleged man-made effect on the weather.

    The Obama administration's war on coal is undeniable in the wake of the latest Environmental Protection Agency regulations requiring dramatic reductions in carbon emissions from power plants.

    Mike Duncan of the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity estimates that existing regulations are "closing about 20% of the coal plants." He estimates the new regulations could mean shuttering "an additional 20% of coal plants."

    A U.S. Senate Policy Committee report finds that the EPA standards are "so severe that new coal-fired power plants will be prevented from being built."

    This is a big problem because American homes and industries get about 40% of their electric power production from coal. And coal is the major backstop in many states for intermittent and unreliable power sources like wind and solar power.

    In states such as Colorado that have passed draconian renewable energy standards for power production, keeping coal-burning plants operational is required as a safety valve to prevent brownouts and shutdowns on hot days or during blizzards.

    California towns have already faced brownouts due to unreliable energy sources, and that problem promises to get worse in the years ahead as stricter regulations take hold.

    Fortunately, America has an alternative, reliable energy source. Shale gas has become cheap and abundant due to new drilling technologies. But the environmentalists are busy boasting about how they are trying to end natural gas as an energy source as well, because they purportedly hate fracking.

    They also dislike nuclear power. And hydropower, because they complain that dams endanger snail darters and other fish.

    In other words, the left is against 90% of the main power sources we use today to get electricity. They are stealthily trying to switch off the lights.

    At the very least they will make power much more expensive, which is a regressive tax on the poor and a sure way to slow down economic progress. The Senate report finds that renewable energy is about 80% more expensive to produce per kilowatt of electricity than most fossil fuel when including the cost to the taxpayer of green energy subsidies.

    The Energy Information Administration expects residential electricity prices will rise more than 50% over the next two decades, thanks to the war on coal and fossil fuel.

    President Obama promised in 2008 that his energy policies would "bankrupt" coal plants and predicted that "electricity prices would necessarily skyrocket."

    This isn't some scary science-fiction movie; it's really happening. What is maddening is that we are doing this to ourselves.

    Read More At Investor's Business Daily:

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