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    Welp, here it is:

    It's a propaganda film created by a bunch of brainwashed North Koreans to trash Western civilization, thus building up the "virtues" of its own. While I'm not a patriot by any means, this film goes above and beyond with its lunacy, using every cheap trick in the book to make you sympathize with it, its most hilarious being its retarded slow-mo, zoom in, effects (You'll know 'em when you see 'em).

    Why is this the next Zeitgeist, you ask? Well, aside from positing a bunch of stupid conspiracies, untrue facts, it also 'loves' to attack Christianity, mainly the Roman Catholic Church, because,'s the largest, I guess. So, while I don't have a lot of information on some of the topics it mentions, and I'm not even going to dignify the stupid "GEORGE BUSH IS WAR CRIMINAL WORSE THNA HITLER!!1!1!!" crap with a response, I think there are some fairly obvious things I can tackle when it comes to atheist propaganda smearing Christianity.

    Let's get started, shall we?

    First off, it starts with that long as hell quote from the infamously dishonest atheist Czar, Richard Dawkins, that's always a good sign, right? Then it goes on to say that they can use science to determine that God is a narcissistic psychopath. Well, aside from the fact that they don't even give any examples, they didn't even get their own crap right. That's psychology, that's been around for ages, not experimental science.

    Moving on, it goes on to imply that Tony Blair and George Bush, and people like that, claimed to be "prophets" of God. Well, no, they claimed to be working in accordance with God's will, but that's quite different from a "prophet", my totalitarian friends. Furthermore that this gave Tony Blair the justification to kill (Get ready for it) "MILLIONS OF INNOCENT CIVILIANS!!1!1!", and it's okay if he just talks to a priest in a box every week. Now, I'm not sure how much of that about Tony Blair is actually fact, and how much of it is propaganda (which I'm assuming the majority of it is) as I'm not that much into politics of that area, however, everyone here should realize that their vastly (I'm assuming, intentionally) oversimplifying confession of sins, and forgiveness. No, my facist friends, he can't confess his sins, then go on and keep doing them with no regret or remorse whatsoever. If he makes no attempt to stop doing such things, that would mean his confession was not genuine.

    Next, is a "guilt by association" fallacy, where they try to say that since people like the Mafia adhere to Catholicism, that it must be evil. Nonwithstanding the current Pope's excommunication of the entire Mafia, I find it interesting that they try to do this whole "Guilt by association" thing. I mean, aside from being a logical fallacy, just looking at the history of socialist/communist regimes, you think they'd take the plank out of their own eye, first.

    Next, typical blather about the Pope being the "richest man in the world" and how he should use his own money to help the poor he preaches to. You know, you'd think they mention all the hospitals, hospice houses, relief programs, and missionary work the Catholic Church is doing to help Africa. In fact, its relief effort in Africa is the largest of any organization in the world.....but, no, too inconvenient for them. You would also think they should mention:

    1) The Pope is actually 'not' the richest man in the world (Check your facts next time, bud)
    2) (The Vatican) Operates on a budget about the same size as the City of Chicago. Could Chicago wipe out all the poverty in Africa in an instant?
    3) Most of the "infinite wealth" of the Vatican comes from things that cannot be given away, such as priceless arts and architecture, and gifts from foreign emissaries, and the such.

    Moving on, we get to the "Godwin's Law" part of the movie, where they try to convince their audience that the Catholic Church and Hitler were buddy-buddy, and the Church supported and protected the Nazis.

    You've got to love the blatant lies these guys put in this movie. "The Catholic Church supported and protected Nazis" Oh, really? Well, I guess the slaughtering of Catholic Clergy by the hand of Hitler never happened. Guess that the systematic genocide of the Slavic peoples by the Nazis due to their long, historical affiliation with the Catholic Church never happened either, according to this movie. Oh, and the Church leaders, including Pope Pius XI, the Pope at the time when Nazi Germany was created, harshly denouncing the Nazis and Nazi ideology? According to this movie, that never happened. Oh, and those edicts issued by German Bishops in 1931 excommunicating all Nazi leadership, and banning Catholics from joining the Nazi party under threat of excommunication? Well, that never happened either, it's too inconvenient, after all.

    Over all, this movie is just as factually incorrect as Zeitgeist, when it comes to religion, and twice as disgusting. It uses blatant misinformation and logical fallacies, along with, as I said, every cheap, emotionally manipulative trick in the book.
    Better to illuminate than merely to shine, to deliver to others contemplated truths than merely to contemplate.

    -Thomas Aquinas

    I love to travel, But hate to arrive.

    -Hernando Cortez

    What is the good of experience if you do not reflect?

    -Frederick 2, Holy Roman Emperor

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