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  • Agenda 21

    Have you heard of this? I believe that Agenda 21 is a plan adopted by the Globalists to help bring about their world dominance and fulfill the prophecy of the second beast of Revelation 13. If you don't know what Agenda 21 is, watch these videos:

    soft version
    Agenda 21 Explained (full version)

    strong version
    Agenda 21The Depopulation Agenda For A New World Order

    This is a plan to take away your private property, move you out of your homes, decide how many children you can have or if you can have children, tell you how much and what you can eat, indoctrinate your children and worst of all whether you get to live or die. Yes, this agenda has at its heart, population control. It is also about socialistic redistribution of your wealth. If you think this is a one party agenda, its not. George Bush Sr. is a major proponent and so are the Clintons. We need to only elect, if elections are not controlled, those who are against this agenda and not elect those who will sell our rights for a federal grant. I see a bunch of people who think they are entitled to control our lives on a micro scale. If they want population control I think they should set the example by first eliminating their ownselves and families. I'm disgusted with this and we need to exam all our candidates for election and kick them out if they are for these anti-American values. Their method of change is to create a crisis, whether or not it exists, and then offer up their desired solution of change as law. Don't be a victim of their propaganda. You should be extremely skeptical of the government (both parties) and seek after candidates that are against agenda 21.

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    Thankfully where I live, Utah, passed legislation against Agenda 21. See SJR011. I also found a website that shows those who voted for and against this bill in our state at Wondering who the idiots are that voted against the bill. I can just see the FEMA camps being filled while they relocate you from your home to a high rise apartment. We need to stop this before it gets any further. Check your state to what is happening with regard to this. There are many websites with information.

    Under the guise of "Sustainable Development", here is the plan for globalists to control your future: Agenda 21
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      The globalists won when they convinced most of the western world that opposition to immigration (particularly from the third world) is racist. I look forward to the machete rape apocalypse myself.
      "As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths." Isaiah 3:12

      There is no such thing as innocence, only degrees of guilt.


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        "Globalists" is far too vague a term for people to watch out for.

        We need to only elect, if elections are not controlled, those who are against this agenda and not elect those who will sell our rights for a federal grant.
        So, Phil Robertson for President, then?


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          Originally posted by Epoetker View Post
          "Globalists" is far too vague a term for people to watch out for.
          Who did you have in mind then?
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          "As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths." Isaiah 3:12

          There is no such thing as innocence, only degrees of guilt.


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            there are certain cities that have been designated as pilot projects of Agenda 21. Read this article from a man in San Francisco who is trying to fight it:

            The Dark Side of Sustainable Development and the Regional One Bay Area Plan

            The problem with Utah is they have accepted Common Core which a curriculum used in schools to promote their agenda. They passed the law but don't seem to be watching for the stealth ways these people are infiltrating us. Obamacare is part of Agenda 21.


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              The evils of health and education are well recognized.


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                Originally posted by phank View Post
                The evils of health and education are well recognized.
                Agenda 21 is a master plan and common core, obamacare, etc is only the start. Wait till eminent domain takes your home away. Wait till they limit you to only one child. These people are already started and have all the money and possibly the power to implement this agenda. Surveilance is only the start. Wait till you become part of their inventory. Foreign troops will expand and the country will be given over to international law if we don't stop it. Read my last link.


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                  Originally posted by Darth Executor View Post
                  Who did you have in mind then?
                  "Liberals" has been sufficient, as has any previous term that they described themselves by but had to drop. If you want a term more specifically to describe people who live "transnationally" and enact policies without a thought as to their effect on the good order and discipline of the areas affected, I recommend substituting "wandering undesirables" for "globalists" in any context, just as you can substitute "The U.S. State Department" for "the international community" and retain precisely the same meaning.

                  Though in a pinch you can call them "gnostics" if you're looking to be historically correct in drawing the line of succession. But this post requires an elaboration of what's currently linked in my signature:

                  Originally posted by The Anti-Gnostic
                  The modern liberal narrative, for example, is of cruel WASP overlords brutalizing their servile, foot-shuffling Negro untermenschen. Modern liberals think Sarah Palin and her fans are stockpiling the Zyklon-B and readying their cattle prods to herd the Jews, homosexuals and Jewish homosexuals on to the cattle cars.

                  Similarly, the libertarian narrative is that any day now, FASCISM will cement its iron grip on America. The Border Patrol will roll out the barbed wire and poor Bill Gates and Larry Ellison will be shackled to their desks, forced to produce enterprise software for the FASCIST death camps. High-g Dravidians and Han Chinese will be halted at the border, fingers draped over the chain link fence, weeping for their shattered dream of funding transfer payments to US net tax consumers.

                  Never mind that fascism was a discrete, historical phenomenon of inter-War competition for State power with communism after the fall of the European monarchies. Does anybody really believe in the State uber alles, any more than people say they believe in the Nordic pantheon, or that the nation's people and resources can pass through monarchical succession? There are very few people around who could think in such terms, even assuming they wanted to.

                  Libertarians, such as the Mises Institute and, are actually engaged in deflection of the worst kind. Their articles are largely silent on what we know happens exactly when the central State scales up into unsustainable complexity:

                  1. The State's legitimacy evaporates;
                  2. The State's civil order breaks down along ethnic and cultural fault lines;
                  3. The new erstwhile sovereigns compete for State power.
                  Agenda 21, judging from the article, is a form of quaint-in-hindsight wire-pulling and masking ones objectives in the guise of procedural common sense. But according to reliable observers on the ground, most of California is becoming Third World no-man's land. What does all the SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS BY OPPOSING AGENDA 21 have to say about that? Victor Davis Hanson at least makes clear the alliance of convenience between effete coastal doubletalkers and Mexican drug gangs, why can't they?

                  NGOs rarely, if ever, deserve the "N" in their name, and "stakeholders" and "foundations" could as easily be replaced with "investors" and "corporations" if you wanted to slyly push some liberal hot-buttons. I very much doubt you can out-popular them (they control the press, dude!) out-legislate them (their primary skillset) or even, assuming that you did defeat them in court, count on that victory against this form of land-grab to be final, as people like these tend to be professional shapeshifters.

                  So, either kill them, legally or extralegally, or wait for the inevitable collapse of their tenuous arrangements to kill them for you. (In San Francisco, especially, favor may go to the second option.) When the sword is in your hand there is no need for maintaining legions of Pharisees to oppress the people, eat out their substance, etc. with thousands of made-up rules. And as Pakistan shows, NGOs fold fairly quickly against those willing to keep up the pressure. Hopefully you'll be civilized enough to know when to put down the sword.


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