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Remembering 9/11

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    I had recently arrived at my Duty Station in <redacted> just a month or so earlier. I remember getting into my car and hearing that a plane had just hit the WTC. My first thought, remembering from back in the 90's when an airplane crashed in the WH lawn...."That's a Weird Accident". Then, when the announcers came on and said that another plane had hit...two words came out of my mouth: "Bin Laden". Just a year earlier I had been in the Persian Gulf when the USS Cole was attacked. The USS<redacted> spent 3 days circling off the coast before moving down to assist the Cole. So, relatively speaking, Al Qaeda was near the top of my mind when it came to terrorist attacks.

    I made it to work, turned on the TV in the training rooms we were in and we waited... As we were just in training, we were not essential, and were sent home as the base went into lockdown. The next 3 years of my life centered around the war on terror.


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      Remembering the first res-ponders