But, AMAZINGLY, it didn't go UP, it went DOWN!!!!!

Yeah, I got my new Tax Appraisal for property taxes for 2014, and my property was valued (for tax purposes) 15% LOWER than the previous 7 years! (Each of the previous 7 years, it had been exactly the same)

I'm DYING to know why, because there is substantial growth in our area (Exxon is building a HUGE facility nearby) and property values are going UP!!!!

(For those who may not know:
There's the "appraisal" based on "comparable sales" in the area, which you want to be HIGH so you can sell your property at a decent price, then there's the
"Tax Appraisal" or valuation which is used to calculate all the various taxing authorities percentages on that valuation -- you want THAT number to be LOW, so you pay less in taxes*)

Anyway, in Texas (as is probably the case in most of the US) you can "contest" your tax valuation if you believe it's too high. A friend of mine used to be the Tax Collector / Assessor for my county, and he created his own tax consulting company when he retired. His company will do the homework to contest your tax valuation for you, appearing before the tax board, and hopefully REDUCE your valuation. If they succeed, they keep 50% of what they saved you for that year.

ANYWAY, I called my friend several years ago and asked him if I should contest my property valuation. He did some checking, looked at my property, and told me "You are flying SO LOW under the radar, that I wouldn't say a WORD about it, and would not contest it in any way". That was great to hear.

NOW, my property valuation is FIFTEEN PERCENT LOWER, meaning I'll pay LESS in property taxes (same tax RATE, but on a lower valuation) and I can't figure out WHY!

So... I'll just vent here.

*except, of course, people like JimL who should demand HIGHER tax valuations so they can pay MORE taxes!