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Greg Abbott to Build Massive Base in Texas Border City of Eagle Pass

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  • Greg Abbott to Build Massive Base in Texas Border City of Eagle Pass

    Greg Abbott to Build Massive Base in Texas Border City of Eagle Pass

    I thought this was interesting - especially how Democracy Now words it...

    In Texas, Republican Governor Greg Abbott has announced plans to build an 80-acre military base housing up to 2,300 soldiers in the city of Eagle Pass, along the border with Mexico, as his administration enforces a brutal immigration crackdown. Abbott has continued to defy federal authorities in the region. He spoke Friday.
    Gov. Greg Abbott: “To expand our border security capabilities, we are building a new Texas Military Department base camp that allows the Texas National Guard to increase and to improve operations in this area.”

    The "soldiers" would be National Guardsmen and members of the Texas Military Department. While, yes, technically they could be called "soldiers", they are actually there in a law enforcement capacity, and multiple other states are sending their Guardsmen to the border to assist.

    Also, this law enforcement effort is called a "brutal immigration crackdown", when it's actually enforcement to keep illegal immigration at bay.

    The part about "defying federal authorities" - they say that like it's a bad thing.

    Here is a little less biased version of the same story....

    Texas is building an 80-acre forward operating base for the National Guard at the border

    The state of Texas plans to build a new 80-acre “base camp” for National Guard troops along the U.S.-Mexico border. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced the plan on Friday, Feb. 16, touting it as a way to enhance the Guard’s mission, even as a legal standoff with the federal government in the courts continues.

    The planned FOB is located near Shelby Park, a public space in Eagle Pass, Texas along the Rio Grande River. National Guard troops had earlier put up razor wire along the river in an effort to deter and block migrants from entering the country. The National Guard also blocked agents from Customs and Border Patrol from entering the park, leading to a tense fight between the state and federal government that went to the Supreme Court.

    The proposed base, dubbed “Forward Operating Base Eagle,” would be able to house 1,800 National Guard personnel. If needed it could house as many as 2,300.

    “This will increase the ability for a larger number of Texas Military Department soldiers in Eagle Pass to operate more effectively and efficiently. Before now, the Texas National Guard had been scattered across this entire region in cramped quarters, away from fellow soldiers, and sometimes traveling long distances to do their job,” Abbott said at a press conference Friday. “This base camp is going to dramatically improve conditions for our soldiers.”

    The move comes after the United States Supreme Court said last month that Customs and Border Patrol could cut down the razor wire. However Texas says it will continue to put up the wire at Shelby Park, essentially ignoring the Supreme Court’s ruling. Several people have drowned this year in the Rio Grande while attempting to enter the United States.

    According to the state, Forward Operating Base Eagle will have a dining facility, laundry equipment, wireless Internet access and medical services. The exact budget for this new FOB hasn’t been announced.

    The first to state his case seems right until another comes and cross-examines him.

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