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  • Originally posted by seer View Post

    Do you really think they were repenting of their sadomasochistic, homosexual sin?
    First of all, sin according to who? Did Jesus ever say anything about sadomasochism or homosexuality? I do t think he did. So. Who determines what is and what isn't a sin?

    Besides, how would you know that they were gays and that they were repenting of their being gay, if they didn't dress the part? You wouldn't get the point, or the possible multiple perspectives being depicted of in the work.

    If the men were common garb, you
    wouldnt know what to make of it.


    • Originally posted by JimL View Post

      Pot, kettle!!!!

      This is so demonstrably false it's not even worth refuting. All you ever do here is battle Christians and / or conservatives. When have you EVER contributed anything of value? You're a bitter old fart who is only here to try to be a pain in the butt to others.
      The first to state his case seems right until another comes and cross-examines him.


      • Originally posted by JimL View Post
        First of all, sin according to who? Did Jesus ever say anything about sadomasochism or homosexuality?
        This is one of the dumbest arguments ever made by the laziest of the anti-Christian crowd. Fail better, Jim.
        The first to state his case seems right until another comes and cross-examines him.


        • Originally posted by Cow Poke View Post

          This is so demonstrably false it's not even worth refuting. All you ever do here is battle Christians and / or conservatives. When have you EVER contributed anything of value? You're a bitter old fart who is only here to try to be a pain in the butt to others.
          Go back to bed then snowflake. All you do is whine about being attacked. Conservatives and Fundamentalist Christians, always, No wonder there's such a strong connection between the two.


          • Originally posted by Cow Poke View Post

            This is one of the dumbest arguments ever made by the laziest of the anti-Christian crowd. Fail better, Jim.
            Still whining I see. And dodging, as anyone can see.


            • Originally posted by JimL View Post

              Yep, they just happen to be a certain kind of christian sinners that these Christian sinners here can't accept.
              Yes..... I know......
              Where I live christians used to burn christians, fought against fact Christians have been killing Christians in parts of the UK during my lifetime.

              I wonder what Jesus said about the self righteous?

              A few Christians want to tell me that I will go to some eternal fire of agony, in the clutches of the horrid devil but that they will exist in some heavenly place.
              One day humanity will pop Christianity in to the bag with all those other primitive belief systems, and then maybe people will be free to be themselves, who they are, how they feel, whom they love. Freedom!


              • Originally posted by seer View Post

                I was with the Salvation Army for a number of years.
                I do like those people, the ones that I have known well.
                I sometimes attended a 'soup-n-chat' meeting at their local hall. But on one such occasion a very stern Major came to that function, and interrogated me about my presence, and she asked me where else I visited for free teas, etc..... When I told her that the Christian Spiritualist chapel held a teatime for visitors she exploded, 'They are not Christians!....' etc and unfortunately it was nearly October 31st which led her in to a rage about people worshipping the devil.
                But I enjoyed the company of Salvation Army folks.

                And homosexuals behavior is sin according to Scripture, and yes I have spoken to both gay men and women. And I know a number who have repented from that behavior.
                According to scripture? Please do tell me about the scripture, where can I read about that?


                • Originally posted by rogue06 View Post
                  How much do you remember from your infancy, much less from before you were born?
                  Baptist:- Who is he?
                  Disciples:- He is the son of God....... your cousin, you know!
                  Baptist:- Oh?? I don't remember.

                  Scripture Verse: Matthew 3:7

                  But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees coming to his baptism, he said to them, “You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come?

                  © Copyright Original Source

                  ...he could be asking if he could expect another, more war-like Messiah to arise.
                  No.......... The wrath was coming alright, and Jesus attempted to show his wrath during that last week.

                  I know.

                  But looks aren't every thing.
                  Well now, you seem to have a lot to say about men who are fully clothed in black leather, and clearly in adoration of Jesus.


                  • Originally posted by rogue06 View Post
                    All sinners who repent are accepted.

                    But given their dress it looks like they haven't repented but still wholly embrace that lifestyle.

                    It would be no different if someone came to church still drunk with a hooker on each arm.
                    Sign outside rogue's Christian Church.

                    No leather clad men wanted here!
                    No hookers wanted here!
                    No drunks wanted here!

                    Jesus wanted to eat and drink with all sinners, rogue.


                    • Originally posted by rogue06 View Post
                      Gay BDS&M lifestyle
                      I did like that picture of a cowboy that you posted up recently, rogue........., he could have been there in that painting, with those men.


                      • Question to the bosses:-
                        If a member had posted up the picture in question in the OP, rather than within a link, would this have been censored and a warning given, or ban imposed?


                        • Originally posted by seer View Post

                          Give me a break...
                          No. You don't deserve one.

                          Jorge: Functional Complex Information is INFORMATION that is complex and functional.

                          Mountain Man: First of all, the Bible is a fixed document.
                          Mountain Man on covid-19: We're talking about an illness with a better than 99.9% rate of survival.
                          Mountain Man on climate change: Looking at the historical temperature data in my region over the past ten years shows that temperatures have been stable ...


                          • Originally posted by rogue06 View Post
                            Working with someone else who had been a target doesn't necessarily make one brave.
                            Dodges* noted.

                            *"had been" instead of "is" and "brave" instead of "not a coward".

                            Jorge: Functional Complex Information is INFORMATION that is complex and functional.

                            Mountain Man: First of all, the Bible is a fixed document.
                            Mountain Man on covid-19: We're talking about an illness with a better than 99.9% rate of survival.
                            Mountain Man on climate change: Looking at the historical temperature data in my region over the past ten years shows that temperatures have been stable ...


                            • Originally posted by Diogenes View Post

                              Edit: The NRSVUE is a joke.

                              Q: What is the NRSV, Updated Edition?

                              NRSVue FAQs

                              Q: What is the NRSV, Updated Edition?

                              A:The New Revised Standard Version Updated Edition reflects discoveries of ancient texts and new insights made in the 30 years since the NRSV was last revised. The newly updated translation offers clearer, more direct, and inclusive language, and increased cultural sensitivity absent of the unintended biases of prior versions.

                              Q: What is the origin of the NSRV Updated Edition?

                              A: The NRSV Updated Edition is the result of rigorous biblical scholarship to give readers access to the most inclusive, informed, and reliable text available. As new manuscripts came to light following the 1989 introduction of the NRSV, an improvement was undertaken to ensure the accuracy, clarity, and modernity of the updated translation.

                              Q: Why is the update important?

                              A: The NRSV Updated Edition sets out to be the most literal translation of the Bible available to date with its clear use of unambiguous and unbiased language. The new version gives English Bible readers access to the most meticulously researched, rigorously reviewed, and faithfully accurate translation on the market. It is also the most ecumenical Bible with acceptance by Christian churches of Protestant, Anglican, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, African American, and Evangelical traditions.

                              Q: Who is driving the update?

                              A: The National Council of Churches (NCC), copyright holder of the NRSV Bible, commissioned the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL), a diverse and learned group of biblical scholars, to direct the revision. Additionally, the NCC appointed two members of its Bible Translation and Utilization (BTU) Advisory Committee to liaise between organizations. Together, the scholars embarked on a four-year journey to deliver their collective recommendations for approval and adoption by the NCC.

                              Q: Who reads the NRSV?

                              A: Because the NRSV serves devotional, worship, liturgical, and scholarship purposes, the updated translation is useful for a wide variety of people including clergy, church leaders, lay readers, church and academic teachers, and Bible researchers looking for an accurate, readable, inclusive, modern-English language Bible.

                              Q: How does this version compare to other translations?

                              A: As the most widely authorized Bible for use as an ecumenical and interfaith resource, The NRSV Updated Edition is considered the most clear and accurate version because it utilizes the most literal forms of translation. Some Bible translators use a word-for-word approach, others rely heavily on the context to convey the meaning of scripture. Following the tradition of Bruce M. Metzger, reviewers and editors for the NRSV Updated Edition were guided by the maxim “as literal as possible, as free as necessary” to present the most accurate as possible renderings of the biblical text. Therefore, it is important for the reader to understand the provenance of his or her preferred Bible version, its translation methodology, use of ancient text discoveries, translation methods and language conventions when selecting a preferred version.

                              Endorsements for the NRSVue

                              “The NRSV Updated Edition Bible incorporates many key advances in biblical scholarship, even as it strives to use prose that is readable and language that is inclusive. As a result, it will be among my “go-to” Bibles when using English translations in teaching, worship, and even academic settings.”

                              “The NRSV has become the go-to translation for my circle of academic colleagues, pastors, and laity. Once the update is published, I will encourage everyone I know and associate with to purchase and use the NRSV Updated Edition.”

                              BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA

                              “I am delighted to see the arrival of this 30th anniversary NRSV Updated Edition Bible, a work remarkable both for retaining the impressive scholarship of past translations and for offering important and necessary changes for our 21st-century context. This truly is a Bible for our time, for our mission and ministry.”
                              —C. R. ROBERTSON, THE REV. CANON

                              THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH

                              The NRSV Updated Edition offers clarity and advancement while preserving tradition. The NRSVue is by far the most comprehensive and highly regarded translation among translations. The NRSVue is now the new benchmark.”

                              HOWARD UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF DIVINITY

                              “We are excited to present what I believe to be one of the most lovingly revised translations to date. When we embarked on this journey our goal was to increase the accessibility of Scripture. This update with its attention to accuracy, clarity, inclusivity and readability has far exceeded even our wildest expectations.”
                              — JIM WINKLER, PRESIDENT AND GENERAL SECRETARY

                              NATIONAL COUNCIL OF CHURCHES OF CHRIST IN THE U.S.A.

                              “Digging into God’s word with the NRSV Updated Edition will keep you close to the truth of the Scriptures, and help you find new ways of understanding your own faith as you live it out in the world. Reading and studying the NRSV Updated Edition is also the best way to combine your love of humanity with the best scholarship on the Bible for sharing your faith in community.”
                              — ROBERT WILSON BLACK, PHD, CEO


                              “The NRSV Updated Edition is the quintessential exemplar of English Bible translations in our contemporary world. It is the most historically accurate, compellingly clear, and broadly vetted English language translation I know. Academic reliability and everyday readability meet each other on every page. Furthermore, Jewish and Christian readers of all stripes can find in it a work that will be good for faith, study, and wisdom for many years to come.”
                              — ABRAHAM SMITH, PROFESSOR OF NEW TESTAMENT

                              PERKINS SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY
                              SOUTHERN METHODIST UNIVERSITY
                              NATIONAL BAPTIST CONVENTION, USA, INC.

                              “Enlightening. Spiritual. Scholarly. The updated biblical language of the NRSVue provides contemporary clarity and hermeneutical accuracy. This update is critical to the scriptural analysis of undergraduates, seminarians, and graduate students in the general disciplines of religious studies. Furthermore, this translation proves pivotal to the spiritual formation of theologically conscious laypersons in Christian congregations.”

                              CHRISTIAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH

                              “I firmly believe that a translation informed by the textual witnesses and modern sensitivities furthers the Christian life and the ministry of the gospel. I regard the NRSV Updated Edition, as standing squarely, but not stiffly, in this theological stance, for it cannot do otherwise. I hope that the NRSV Updated Edition gets circulated…even more widely that the NRSV did and contributes to the furtherance of the gospel and the extension of the awaited reign of God.”

                              NEW YORK THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY

                              “With the most diverse team of contributors of any translation, the NRSVue comes as a fresh wind at a critical time for the Church and the global community. I celebrate the integrity demonstrated throughout the entire process to produce a version of our sacred scripture that continues to speak prophetically and pastorally to believers and seekers, while advancing its value to academicians. We rejoice in the fact that the NRSVue is an incredible work by scholars, an authentic act of worship through community, and a gracious gift of the Spirit.”

                              AME ZION CHURCH

                              Endorsements for the NRSV

                              Church leaders and religion scholars from a wide range of denominations trust the NRSV’s accuracy and praise its readability. Read what some of the most respected religious voices in the country have to say about the NRSV.

                              “I view the NRSV translation to be the finest English Bible we have today. Its scholarship is impeccable. The English is accurate, approachable, and readable. It is excellent for both public and private use. I recommend it highly.”
                              — Richard J. Foster, author Celebration of Discipline

                              “A good translation of the Bible is one that doesn’t sound like something printed in double columns on India paper but like this morning’s edition of the New York Times. Surprisingly often that is how the NRSV sounds to me.”
                              — Frederick Buechner, author of Secrets in the Dark

                              “The New Revised Standard Version of the Bible is my first choice, both for my college classes and for my own study and devotion. The careful scholarship of the translation, the generosity of the pronouns, and the invaluable textual notations make this translation my most trusted friend in preaching, teaching, worship and prayer.”
                              —Barbara Brown Taylor, author of Leaving Church

                              “Ever since it was first published, I have recommended it to students as the most reliable English translation for study purposes, and as the best for public reading in church.”
                              — Marcus Borg, author of The Heart of Christianity

                              “The best contemporary translation of the Bible, beautifully presented, superbly footnoted, and an obvious must for every Catholic household.”
                              — James Martin, S. J., author of My Life with the Saints

                              “I’m glad to have a variety of translations available for Bible reading—but when I want to do serious Bible study, I always consult the NRSV. It avoids the theological prejudice I sense in some translations, drawing from a broadly ecumenical group of top-notch scholars.”
                              — Brian McLaren, author of A New Kind of Christian

                              “The NRSV is indispensable for serious study of the Bible. Over and over again, it powerfully illuminates the more difficult passages in the beautiful King James and the Douay-Rheims Versions. A joy to read.”
                              — Anne Rice, author of Christ the Lord

                              “When I need a citation from the New Testament that will be readable and reliable, I always turn to the NRSV.”
                              — Rabbi Harold Kushner, author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People

                              “The Bible I use on the ‘stump’ is the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV). It’s literally my favorite translation, both for study and for preaching. I am a Bible thumper and the Bible I thump is the NRSV.”
                              — Jim Wallis, author of God’s Politics: Why the Right Gets It Wrong, and the Left Doesn’t Get It

                              “The NRSV is an accurate,l literate, engaging, and thoughtful translation of Scripture. May it be widely used!!”
                              — John Ortberg, author of If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat

                              “The NRSV is invaluable to me in both my private study and my professional work because, more than any other English translation, it allows me to capture the ancient nuances of scripture in the rhythms and context of present time.”
                              — Phyllis Tickle, author of The Divine Hours

                              “The NRSV is one of the premier translations of the Bible; indeed, it has been a standard for all others. It continues to deserve the widest circulation and use among scholars, students, and general readers alike.”
                              — Rev. Richard P. McBrien, Crowley-O’Brien Professor of Theology, University of Notre Dame and author of Catholicism

                              “The best, simply the best.”
                              — John Dominic Crossan, author of The Historical Jesus

                              “My very first Bible that I received as a child was the RSV. Now, the NRSV is the Bible that I use every day for study and devotional reading. The NRSV is completely trustworthy in all its translation. It is not only exactingly correct but also beautifully stated. Here is God’s word made fresh and accessible for our age.”
                              — William H. Willimon, Bishop, the North Alabama Conference of the United Methodist Church and Visiting Professor, Duke Divinity School

                              “A wider circulation of this very helpful translation can only serve to improve our Biblical literacy. This is an enterprise worthy of support.”
                              — Peter J. Gomes, author of The Good Book

                              “The NRSV is my favorite translation of the Bible—it is sensitive in theory, reliable in translation, and practicable for the Church.”
                              — Scot McKnight, Karl A. Olsson Professor in Religious Studies, North Park University

                              “The NRSV beautifully balances scholarly faithfulness to the Hebrew and Greek text with the need for an up-to-date and readable English translation. The painstaking work of ecumenical teams of biblical scholars working over many years has resulted in a reliable, gender inclusive translation that I use in personal study, college and divinity school teaching as well as worship.”
                              — Rev. Dr. Charles Kimball, Professor of Comparative Religion, Wake Forest University

                              “The NRSV is one of the outstanding modern translations of the biblical text. Its commitment to using inclusive language as regards humans is a major breakthrough in Bible translation. Its identification and labeling through notes of ancient Cush with Nubia helps in the recovery of African backgrounds to the text. Finally, its translation of Song 1:5 as ‘I am black and beautiful’ corrects centuries of white supremacist translations of this verse.”
                              — Randall C. Bailey, Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Hebrew Bible, Interdenominational Theological Center

                              “The NRSV is still the best single option in English for both the church and the academy.”
                              — Kang-Yup Na, Associate Professor of Religion, Westminster College

                              “The NRSV translation is the best one I know of for the academic classroom.”
                              — Dr. Kevin Mongrain, Assistant Professor, Program of Liberal Studies, University of Notre Dame

                              “The NRSV is one of the most accessible translations available today. It takes advantage of the most recent biblical manuscript discoveries, upholds the literary standards of the much older King James Version, and yet presents the text in understandable and contemporary English. It is gender inclusive where possible without altering the original meaning of the Hebrew and Greek.”
                              — Rev. Steven P. Brey, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Religion and Chair of the Philosophy and Religion Department, Methodist University

                              “The NRSV is a fluid, relatively literal translation that I feel comfortable using with my students.”
                              — Professor Al Martinich, Department of Philosophy, University of Texas at Austin

                              “I continue to believe that it represents the best combination currently available of accuracy, readability, rootedness in the historic English Bible tradition, and usefulness within the life of the church.”
                              — James V. Brownson, James I. and Jean Cook Professor of New Testament, Western Theological Seminary

                              “I have used the RSV and NRSV with great success in my classes here at Harvard. This is the best edition available (in English) if one wants to know ‘what the Bible really says.’”
                              — Harvey Cox, author of When Jesus Came to Harvard

                              “I have used the HarperCollins Study Bible for literature classes and for my private prayer. The NRSV translation is outstanding.”
                              — Ron Hansen, Professor of English, Santa Clara University, author of Mariette in Ecstasy

                              “I think the NRSV is the best translation on the market.”
                              — David A. deSilva, Ph.D., Trustees’ Professor of New Testament and Greek, Ashland Theological Seminary

                              “For many years the NRSV has been my standard biblical text both for daily use and for quotation in my books. I particularly appreciate its careful fidelity to the original texts.”
                              — John Polkinghorne, author of Belief in God in an Age of Science

                              “The NRSV provides the best scholarly translation using recently found manuscripts with indications where alternative readings have either been rejected or compared. Its use of inclusive language is also an important value.”
                              — Donald G. Emler, Professor of Religion, Wimberly School of Religion

                              “The NRSV is my principal translation for Bible study, sermon writing, and worship leadership. I use it with the confidence that it reflects the highest scholarship and with the joy of knowing that it is embraced by a broad ecumenical community of churches.”
                              — John H. Thomas, General Minister and President, United Church of Christ

                              “I have been reading and studying the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible as my preferred translation since its original release. I appreciate the accurate rendering of the text in contemporary language while at the same time maintaining echoes of the grand phrases of the King James. I trust the NRSV for its scholarship, accurate translation, and ability to communicate across the varied Christian communities.”
                              — Sharon E. Watkins, General Minister and President of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada

                              “I’ve relied on the NRSV for forty years. It’s more than the translation religion book publishers turn to for clear and accurate quotes in their books; it’s one they look to for their own spiritual nourishment. Congratulations to Harper San Francisco for sharing this gift in so many helpful ways with the entire religious community!”
                              — Michael Leach, Publisher Emeritus, Orbis Books, and past president of both the Catholic Book Publishers Association and the ecumenical Religion Publishers Book Group

                              “The NRSV translation of Holy Scripture presents an elegantly readable text that’s fully Catholic and combines the best biblical scholarship with a superb pastoral sensitivity. This translation, approved by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, is a wonderful resource for anyone who desires to draw closer to God’s Word through prayer and study.”
                              — Graziano Marcheschi, director, Lay Ministry Formation, University of St. Mary of the Lake/Mundelein Seminary

                              “The NRSV is the most honest, accurate, and legible version of the Bible that I have come across.”
                              — Matt Semanek, Youth Minister, Alive in Christ

                              “In public worship, the NRSV is the Bible I always use. In personal study, it is the version I begin with. Why? In part, yes, because of its use of inclusive language. When the NRSV was first published and I began reading it, I suddenly found other versions’ exclusiveness as to gender jarring to the senses. Equally important are the superior quality of the NRSV in its faithfulness to the oldest available texts and the sheer beauty of its translation of those texts. The NRSV is quite simply the finest English translation of the Bible to date.”
                              — Rev. Dr. Stan Hastey, Executive Director, Alliance of Baptists

                              “I recommend the New Revised Standard Version because it achieves three admirable goals: to make use of the latest and best manuscript evidence for the text of the Bible, to retain the literal meaning of the text, and to communicate that meaning in clear, unbiased English.”
                              — David G. Clark, Professor of New Testament and Greek, Vanguard University

                              “I would encourage the use of this translation and in particular, the use of this edition of the NRSV. It will find its place among those who seek God’s guidance and direction from a perspective of those who take seriously the historical critical method of interpretation, but who also hold dearly to the authority of God’s divinely inspired record of His written revelation.”
                              — Dr. Art Allen, School of Christian Studies, Howard Payne University, Brownwood, Texas

                              “An excellent translation for both teaching and preaching.”
                              — Professor Andy Vaughn, Chair, Deparrtment of Religion, Gustavus Adolphus College

                              “The NRSV is unparalleled as a translation suited for the academic study of scripture. By paying close attention to the latest knowledge about Hebrew and the biblical world, it helps the contemporary reader grasp the meaning of the text as the ancient audience would have understood it.”
                              — Professor Carol Meyers, Duke University

                              “The New Revised Standard Version is—by far—the finest contemporary translation on the market. It is even handed in its perspective; it is judicious in its handling of the Hebrew and Greek vocabulary; it represents the meaning and purpose of the original texts more faithfully than most others now on the market; and it is a pure pleasure to read. It is, simply, the best.”
                              — Roy L. Heller, Associate Professor of Old Testament, Perkins School of Theology/Southern Methodist University

                              “Our customers (from various denominations) look to us for recommendations. When it comes to Bible translations—we always recommend NRSV first. We trust in the scholarship of its nonsectarian formation and know that our customers appreciate its readability.”
                              — Nancy Marshall, Episcopal Bookstore, Seattle

                              “Can Jewish, Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant scholars agree on the English meaning of the text of the Bible? The New Revised Standard Version of the Bible proved the answer is a hearty yes! The NRSV continued a four-hundred-year-old tradition of translating the Bible into elegant contemporary English begun by King James’ beloved authorized version of 1611. The NRSV faced criticism when it first appeared for its decision to use gender-inclusive language in the translation when the biblical authors were addressing audiences made of both men and women. However, that decision has stood the test of time, being adopted by virtually all major translations since then. But none of them match the NRSV’s record of accurately conveying the nuances of the original biblical texts while avoiding theological biases in translation decisions. The NRSV is still the most trustworthy translation available today. I commend HarperCollins for its commitment to making it available to a new generation of English readers.”
                              — Dr. Steve A. Young, Chair, Department of Philosophy, McHenry County College

                              “The NRSV is a beautiful and accurate translation of Scripture.”
                              — Brent A. Strawn, Assistant Professor of Old Testament, Candler School of Theology and Graduate Division of Religion, Emory University

                              “A readable, accurate, yet elegant translation of the Scriptures.”
                              — John M. Norris, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Theology, Institute for Religious and Pastoral Studies, University of Dallas

                              “Our book editors like the NRSV because it is clear and authoritative and the language is accessible to our audience of readers. We recommend NRSV often to our authors.”
                              — Lisa Biedenbach, Editorial Director, St. Anthony Messenger Press

                              [sarcasm intended] Of course all the above is as nought when compared with the dismissive comment by a pseudonymous contributor to an insignificant internet Christian discussion board.
                              "It ain't necessarily so
                              The things that you're liable
                              To read in the Bible
                              It ain't necessarily so

                              Sportin' Life
                              Porgy & Bess, DuBose Heyward, George & Ira Gershwin


                              • Originally posted by JimL View Post

                                Go back to bed then snowflake. All you do is whine about being attacked. Conservatives and Fundamentalist Christians, always, No wonder there's such a strong connection between the two.
                                It is the standard fall back MO. When they can offer no cogent response to a comment, they resort to personal remarks.
                                "It ain't necessarily so
                                The things that you're liable
                                To read in the Bible
                                It ain't necessarily so

                                Sportin' Life
                                Porgy & Bess, DuBose Heyward, George & Ira Gershwin


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