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  • You can't handle the truth!

    That famous line from Jack Nicholson playing Col. Nathan R. Jessep in the movie A Few Good Men has become iconic and serves to describe the latest information regarding Big Tech censorship -- they didn't just censor what they claimed was false, but also stuff they knew was accurate, but didn't convey the narrative that they preferred.

    Source: Big Tech Finally Admits to Censoring TRUE Information

    Big Tech, the American federal government and leftist elites are now plainly advocating for censorship of any information they don’t agree with, even if that information is verifiably true.

    Mal-information is the latest ugly offspring in the censorship family tree. Unlike its more well-known cousins “mis-” and “dis-information,” mal-information specifically targets true information.

    A recent Twitter Files drop exposed a coalition of government agencies, academia and NGOs who were actively scouring the internet for COVID-19 information they deemed unfit for the internet.

    Stanford University’s Virality Project was especially aggressive, according to emails released in The Twitter Files. In these emails, the Virality Project specifically called for action against “True content which might promote vaccine hesitancy.”

    Facebook has also admitted to censoring true content, as revealed in the Twitter Files. In an email exchange with the World Health Organization, Facebook said it was “focused on reducing the virality of content discouraging vaccines that does not contain actionable misinformation” including “often-true content.”

    If this isn’t proof of Big Tech’s bias, I don’t know what is.

    Dr. Mary Talley Bowden was one of the medical professionals silenced for her views on COVID-19 vaccines, alternative treatments, mandates and lockdowns. She condemned censorship of COVID-19 information because it prevented individuals from obtaining informed consent.

    “Informed consent is very important. Patients are not getting informed consent with these vaccines. The package insert on these things, it’s completely blank. And I haven’t talked to any patients that had a, you know, balanced discussion over risks versus benefits of these vaccines,” she told MRC Free Speech America. “[A]nd if the doctors aren’t going to do it in person, then we should be allowed to do it online.”

    Bowden also called out Big Tech companies for censoring information about COVID-19 vaccines under the guise of preventing vaccine hesitancy. “That’s wrong,” she said. “That just violates medical ethics 101.”

    If leftists can’t outright block information from the online public square, their backup plan appears to be brainwashing the public into self-censorship.

    An article published in November of 2022 in the Current Directions in Psychological Sciencejournal called on readers to pursue “critical ignoring” as a solution to so-called misinformation.

    “Encouraging students and other online users to embrace critical ignoring can empower them to shield themselves from the excesses, traps, and information disorders,” the authors of the journal article said.

    And our academic elites wonder why we have a hard time taking them seriously.

    If we want to preserve a society that values free speech, we must take a stand against anti-American elites in Big Tech, Big Government and academia who are trying to usurp Americans’ rights to constitutionally-protected speech.


    © Copyright Original Source

    Something to keep in mind the next time someone insists that we need to control the content of what is said online in order to keep false information from being disseminated.

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    Thank you Big Brother!


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