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Eat ze bugs

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  • Eat ze bugs

    While catching up on another topic, I found a website (thanks Hypatia) that eventually lead me to some interesting articles:

    The first is a Twitter video (with accompanying article) were mealworms were being tested in a primary school in the Netherlands.

    The article in English:

    After a first hesitation, the students of primary school de Octopus in Zwolle carefully put them in their mouth: mealworms. And when the taste buds get started with the unknown food, some faces clear up: "it tastes like nuts," they say. The schoolchildren are exposed to a new dining experience today. Part of a teaching package on healthy and sustainable food. It is a proven means: behavioral changes via the ( still ) open-minded children. Because, if they appreciate it, it has a future.

    Today there were not only mealworms on the menu at De Octopus. Group 7 students were also able to taste dishes made with lupine beans and other insects. It was all about the 'Entertainable Proteins Entertainment Mission', part of the Dutch Food Week campaign of farmers and horticulturalists. The curriculum has been developed with the cooperation of Wageningen University & Research ( WUR ).
    Province distributes teaching packages

    The province of Overijssel has made a hundred of these teaching packages available to a hundred primary schools spread throughout the region. Deputy Gert Harm ten Bolscher saw at De Octopus an opportunity to escape from the provincial house and taste the new food yourself:
    Students The Octopus taste mealworms

    Insect ice cream has been a thing. From CNN, journal research, and even YouTube videos (live bugs but the killing is not shown). There are reports of Swedish bug ice cream but I'm trying to find better sources, though there are bug-food startups.

    Last but not least, it seems there may have been a pilot project in Wales for kids to eat ze bugs courtesy of the Daily Mail.

    Feel free to post "Eat ze bugs" new articles.

    Of course, this wouldn't be complete without a WEF White Paper on "alternative protein"
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    The WEF paper you cited is dated 2019. It makes you wonder why and how ideas that the WEF pushes become such a global trend, especially in the EU, if they have no influence in the world.


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      I watched an interview with Bill Gates this morning where he was asked if he would start making sacrifices to save the earth from his enormous carbon footprint. He answered that he didn't think individuals should have to make sacrifices (now) and that we have to look to new technologies.

      That wasn't his viewpoint before his hypocrisy was exposed.
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        So, it the plan to feed our food to the bugs and then we eat the bugs?


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          I wonder how many parents were given a heads up on this...

          Utah school gives kids 'disgusting' insects to eat in class for climate assignment on cows killing the Earth

          'There's only one right answer to this essay. And it's that Americans should be eating bugs,' a teacher said

          A middle school in Utah's Nebo School District gave sixth-grade students "disgusting" insects to eat last week as part of an English assignment on climate change, claiming it would save the environment from cows which were "killing the world," according to a mom who spoke with Fox News Digital.

          "Middle schoolers loved the 'ewww' factor, many of them gave bugs a try (and even a few staff members!). Many thanks to our English teachers for creating fun and engaging lessons," the Spring Canyon Middle school said about the March 7 assignment.

          Bugs were purchased from a commercial site that is "safe for consumption," the district said.

          The mother of one of the students – Amanda Wright – told Fox News she believed the kids were being subjected to "indoctrination" into a "dark climate change religion." She challenged the school's principal Alison Hansen on the assignment after her daughter found it uncomfortable.

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