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I thought children were not that susceptible to covid

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  • I thought children were not that susceptible to covid

    This is absolute insanity! And it's where Justin Trudeau's own insanity has led this country!

    Windsor court ruling puts COVID-19 'hoax' belief at centre of custody fight

    Judge rules beliefs about COVID-19 a factor in whether parent can keep kids safe

    A judge in Windsor has ruled that a person's vocal disbelief about COVID-19 is a factor in a child custody case.

    Ontario Superior Court Justice George W. King denied a Windsor man interim custody of his kids because the man's fervent anti-masking beliefs means he wouldn't take appropriate actions to keep them safe from COVID-19.

    The decision notes the man believes COVID-19 to be a hoax and has boasted in public about flouting health restrictions such as masking and social distancing.

    "The health and welfare of the children (and by extension their principal caregiver) should not be jeopardized because of [his] public behaviour in promotion of his opinions," he wrote.

    Legal experts say the ruling is consistent with past custody rulings involving issues of children's health, but say it is significant because it articulates new standards and language specific to COVID-19.

    CBC is not naming the man, who has participated in anti-lockdown events in the city, to protect the identity of his children.

    "I have concluded that the respondent's behaviour is dictated by his world view. Everything else is subordinate to that view, including, but not limited to, his love for his children," the decision by Justice King read.

    The justice makes clear that while the father is free to have whatever beliefs he wishes and to lawfully express them, the issue is the impact on the health of the children.

    I hope Rebel News will be covering this story soon. I'm sure it will be much more accurate than the government funded CBC.

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    Most lawyers just do a song and dance to make it seem they are useful in the case -- beyond just giving away all of people's rights. A useful lawyer would have brought forth sufficient statistics to show that the children would not be susceptible to covid-19. If the lawyer actually did present a decent case, then it is the judicial system that is guilty. The other bit of evidence should have been about the lack of benefits from wearing masks.

    As a related point, I cannot believe the number of healthy people under 60 who still think they should get the experimental covid shots. I had to get that jab in there.


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