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Keeping the Peace

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  • Keeping the Peace

    This story is about the woman who was struck by another woman in church. I'm sure we already heard of this.

    Last year, I think, we had an incident in our parking lot with a homeless guy who already was barred from entering the building. One of our members was speaking with him and being calm about it. The homeless guy struck out at the person. Now it so happens this member had a precoversion history of violence. But they did not retaliate....kept those hands down and kept quiet. Pastor came by then and ejected the guy and filed a police report. End of story, for now.

    As the violence increases, I see more calls to strike back .. you know "if that were me...hit back, cuss him out, etc".
    But why make it worse? De-escalating seems more constructive and I suggest makes it easier on the authorities to control the situation. Not to mention...Biblical.
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    One of the things i really like about the concealed carry program in Texas is a MAJOR emphasis on de-escalation of conflict.
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      As far as FB accounts can be trusted, a lady said she had stopped at a new burger joint drive thru, and chose to take her time asking about the menu. The man behind her berated her and even threatened her over this delay. I won't go into all the details. When the man pulled up to the window for HIS order the poor girl talked softly and apologized quite steadily and softly. Overall it was a rather concerning situation and even I advised the OP to talk to the manager since threats to the lady were made.

      There was discussion about the girl at the window and her appeasing of the angry man. Many pointed out she was de-escalating the situation. Didn't matter she had nothing to be sorry about. The man was out of control, and she had to defuse him enough if only to protect *herself*.

      I don't think they pay those counter people enough for what they have to deal with.
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        Deescalating a situation can be a stressful and confusing occurence whether it be violence or medical emergencies. The ability to step back and think through ones actions is not an easily acquired skill.


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