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Get out the hip waders and hold onto your wallets

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  • Get out the hip waders and hold onto your wallets

    Kent Hovind has been released from prison! Technically he's being allowed to finish the last few months of his sentence under house arrest. What's really funny is he was met at the prison by Jim Bob Duggar


    ...possibly the only person on the planet sleazier than Dr. Dino. Story here.

    How long until the convicted felon and con man resumes his YEC pushing ways? I give it three months, tops. Maybe Ken Ham will hire Hovind to play Noah on the new Ark project.

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    I doubt that it will be three months

    I'm always still in trouble again

    "You're by far the worst poster on TWeb" and "TWeb's biggest liar" --starlight (the guy who says Stalin was a right-winger)
    "Overall I would rate the withdrawal from Afghanistan as by far the best thing Biden's done" --Starlight
    "Of course, human life begins at fertilization that’s not the argument." --Tassman


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      What I'm wondering is how long it'll take him before he's back in the slammer again.
      "When the Western world accepted Christianity, Caesar conquered; and the received text of Western theology was edited by his lawyers…. The brief Galilean vision of humility flickered throughout the ages, uncertainly…. But the deeper idolatry, of the fashioning of God in the image of the Egyptian, Persian, and Roman imperial rulers, was retained. The Church gave unto God the attributes which belonged exclusively to Caesar."

      — Alfred North Whitehead


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