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Oops ! We Need To Crank Out More Co2

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  • Oops ! We Need To Crank Out More Co2

    To offset what is coming!

    LLANDUDNO, Wales, July 11 (UPI) -- Solar scientists, armed with the best data yet regarding the activities of the sun, say the Earth is headed for a "mini ice age" in just 15 years -- something that hasn't happened for three centuries.

    Professor Valentina Zharkova, of the University of Northumbria, presented the findings at the National Astronomy Meeting in Wales this week, Britain's Independent reported Saturday.

    Researchers, saying they understand solar cycles better than ever, predict that the sun's normal activity will decrease by 60 percent around 2030 -- triggering the "mini ice age" that could last for a decade. The last time the Earth was hit by such a lull in solar activity happened 300 years ago, during the Maunder Minimum, which lasted from 1645 to 1715.

    Scientists say there are magnetic waves in the sun's interior that fluctuate between the body's northern and southern hemispheres, resulting in various solar conditions over a period of 10 to 12 years. Based on that data, researchers say they are now better able to anticipate the sun's activity -- which has led to the Zharkova team's prediction.
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    The maximum I've seen they predict is about 0.75C lower temperatures globally, but that will be more than offset by the greenhouse gas effect. Global warming is still on track.


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      Originally posted by seer View Post
      Much, much less here than this story indicates. The referenced paper predicts a drop of 60% of sunspot number (not solar activity, as the story says) by 2030. But even if the sunspot number were to drop to flat zero -- Maunder Minimum conditions, in other words -- the climatological effect would be about 0.2 W/m, compared to 2 W/m we're getting from CO2 alone.


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        Originally posted by seer View Post
        Are you one of those AGW denialists, as well?

        Anyway, I've seen this make the rounds in the usual AGW denialist circles. It's nonsense and the usual lies from the conservative press, conservatives blogs, and so on. The scientists were not predicting an imminent mini-ice age. The press just made that up. They've done this sort of thing before. Also, the decrease solar activity will be more than offset by the warming from anthropogenic greenhouse gases. So I have no idea why you're going on about "Oops ! We Need To Crank Out More Co2 [...] To offset what is coming!".

        Here's an introduction to the subject:

        The paper mentioned in the video notes that:
        On the effect of a new grand minimum of solar activity on the future climate on Earth
        "In summary, global mean temperatures in the year 2100 would most likely be diminished by about 0.1C. Even taking into account all uncertainties in the temperature reconstruction, the forcings, and the model physics, the overall uncertainty is estimated to be at most a factor of 3, so the offset should not be larger than 0.3C. Comparing this to the 3.7C and 4.5C temperature rise relative to 19611990 until the end of the century under the IPCC A1B and A2 emission scenarios, respectively, a new Maunder‐type solar activity minimum cannot offset the global warming caused by human greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, any offset of global warming due to a grand minimum of solar activity would be merely a temporary effect, since the distinct solar minima during the last millennium typically lasted for only several decades or a century at most."
        "Instead, we argue, it is necessary to shift the debate from the subject under consideration, instead exposing to public scrutiny the tactics they [denialists] employ and identifying them publicly for what they are."


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