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Crater - an interesting one.

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  • Crater - an interesting one.


    Mysterious Siberian crater attributed to methane

    - is an article about a crater, which no one was there to observe form, even though it's recent in origin.

    Of course, because no one was there to observe, it seems that all explanations were on offer:-

    1) Gas explosion.

    2) Missile explosion.

    3) A meteorite impact.

    4) Alien involvement.

    Naturally, in order to be metaphysically neutral about this, we must also suggest that:-

    5) God created it 6,000 years ago.

    6) God created it a couple of years ago.

    7) The Flood did it when the fountains of the deep erupted.

    8) Decay caused it at the time of the Fall.

    9) Satan did it to deceive us.

    All "same data (the crater), different interpretation (see 1-9 above)" and all equally valid, given that no one was there to observe.

    Well, some Russian researchers have gone out and collected evidence. The link above describes their evidence based explanation.

    Here is a research article with underpins their ideas:-

    Permafrost thermal state in the polar Northern Hemisphere during the international polar year 2007–2009: a synthesis
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    As a Biblical Scientific Creationist, it's obviously #8.

    Remember the stink that Galileo caused when his telescopic observations proved that the Heavens weren't perfect Aether?

    Here's an information website.

    Originally posted by
    This was the reigning scientific model which the secular universities were adamant to maintain, but Galileo’s observations of sunspots and lunar craters cast doubt on the ‘perfect circles’, and his observation in 1604 of a supernova contradicted the immutability of Aristotle’s heavens.
    God would NEVER create a Universe that was other than perfect. The Bible makes it obvious that Man's Sin caused all of Nature to fall into decay.



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