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Einstein and peer review. (I've never been published in Nature, but...)

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  • Originally posted by Jorge View Post
    Listen Mr. Red : I had already responded to your nonsense and that's all that you're going to get.
    As a reminder (since your selective memory seems to be at work): I told you (paraphrasing) that just as a cheap lawyer your tactic is to nit-pick every single word or syllable and then use that as your "AHA, I got you!" argument. To illustrate that tactic, here you found the word "anything" and latched on to it knowing that you could go back in history as far back as you needed to a time when things weren't as they are now. And so you went back 30-40 years and discovered your "AHA - I got you!" papers. You certainly cannot do the same for anything written by Biblical Creationists much closer to the present date.

    After that I simply had no more use for your words or your tactics.

    If you want to declare a 'victory' using Clintonesque tactics such as those (i.e., "depends on what is IS") then be my guest - I DO NOT CARE! Each person can decide on his/her own the value of your grandiose achievement. I rest in the full knowledge that my claim (on peer review) was and remains 100.00% true and accurate. Sorry that you cannot accept that.

    Now, this was my last post on this matter. You may feel free to have the last word, or as many last words as you wish. Just don't expect any more on this from me - I've already had my fun.

    I can see you have depleted your entire repertoire, failed to get the reaction you wanted and are now regurgitating the same fallacious arguments as before. If this was a simple case of nitpicking, you could have posted that in your first response, modified your over generalised claim and I would have continued to agree with your view on pro-YECs in modern peer review. But you didn’t. You attacked my post, blundered (twice!) because of your poor research skills, tried to subtly shift the goal posts so you could create a straw man and laced nearly every post with venom. I really must have gotten to you.

    Let’s face facts, your pride prevents you from admitting you wrongly attributed those 4 papers as being pro-evolutionary when clearly had you done a quick check you would have found out they were not. Had you a picogram of integrity, you would have answered the questions I asked, but freely chose to ignore them as you do your quotes regarding those papers. Rather than admitting you erred and blundered, you attempted to turn the tables and escape the spotlight. But this can never change your blunders in this thread and they will hang around your neck for the rest of your days at NS301, until you come clean.

    The only thing I find lamentable is your attitude. Aside from your hypocrisy and blatant disregard for clear scriptural commands, is that you bring into question your credibility, your honesty and your trustworthiness. You’ve blasted a gaping hole through each of these, which will not help you trying to convince others that your arguments are “rock solid”. You’ve amply demonstrated you cannot even do basic research on such matters and prefer to engage in detestable debating tactics when the going gets tough. Burying your head in the sand to your blunders does not help you and attacking me has not worked either. So you can run & hide and ignore my posts if that helps to ease your pain and hide from your shame.
    Last edited by Omega Red; 07-06-2014, 10:21 PM.


    • Maybe I am just a PRATT.


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