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Wooden structure found may predate homo sapiens

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  • Wooden structure found may predate homo sapiens


    Oldest Suspected Wooden Structure Predates Modern Humans

    Unearthed in Zambia, the 476,000-year-old timber construction redefines our sense of early hominin ingenuity and craftsmanship.

    Isaac Schultz
    Published11 hours ago
    Comments (23)
    A flint used to shape the wooden structure on the site.Photo: Professor Larry Barham, University of Liverpool
    Archaeologists investigating cut logs and other wooden tools at a site near Zambia’s Kalambo Falls have found the settlement to be far more ancient than previously thought: the logs date back to nearly half a million years ago, before our species (Homo sapiens) appeared on Earth.

    Though some tools are less than 400,000 years old, the oldest part of the site—comprising two logs, joined at an angle with a cut notch—date to 476,000 years ago, give or take 23,000 years. The four wooden tools found at the site are a notched branch, a cut log, a digging stick, and a wedge, according to the team; the description of the finds was published today in Nature.

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