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The evolution of earth's inner core and life

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  • The evolution of earth's inner core and life

    The difference in size and the evolution of the core and magnetic field is key to why life evolved on earth and not on Mars. It is possible that early life began on Mars when it had a magnetic field, but did not persist like on earth when the magnetic field deteriorated. Originally the core of the hot early earth deteriorated, but heated up and expanded and generated continental drift before life began on earth.

    The very early history of the earth was a process of general cooling and the beginning of the core and the outer cooler layers of the earth, but the reheating of the core and bounce back of the electromagnetic field was due to radioactive decay generated by the pressure of the mass of the earth, which was lacking in the smaller planet Mars. It was after the reheating of the core that continental drift and the formation of continents and oceans. The necessary environments that lead to the formation and evolution of life. The best present argument for the abiogenesis of life is that it occurred associated with the spreading zones of continental drift.


    Ancient Rocks Hold Clues to How Earth Avoided a Mars-Like Fate


    New paleomagnetic research suggests Earth’s solid inner core formed 550 million years ago and restored our planet’s magnetic field.

    Swirling liquid iron in the Earth’s outer core, located approximately 1,800 miles beneath our feet, generates our planet’s protective magnetic field, called the magnetosphere. Although this magnetic field is invisible, it is vital for life on Earth’s surface. That’s because the magnetosphere shields the planet from solar wind—streams of radiation from the sun.

    However, about 565 million years ago, the magnetic field’s strength dropped to 10 percent of its strength today. Then, mysteriously, the magnetic field bounced back, regaining its strength just before the Cambrian explosion of multicellular life on Earth.

    What caused the magnetosphere to bounce back?

    This rejuvenation happened within a few tens of millions of years according to new research from scientists at the University of Rochester. This is very rapid on geological timescales and coincided with the formation of Earth’s solid inner core, suggesting that the core is likely a direct cause.

    “The inner core is tremendously important,” says John Tarduno, the William R. Kenan, Jr., Professor of Geophysics in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences and dean of research for Arts, Sciences & Engineering at Rochester. “Right before the inner core started to grow, the magnetic field was at the point of collapse, but as soon as the inner core started to grow, the field was regenerated.”

    In the paper, published on July 19, 2022, in the journal Nature Communications, the scientists determined several key dates in the inner core’s history, including a more precise estimate of its age. The research provides new clues about the history and future evolution of Earth and how it became a habitable planet, as well as the evolution of other planets in the solar system.

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    I thought we knew it was thanks to electromagnetic field created by the movement of out iron-nickel core that prevented solar winds from dissipating our atmosphere, so I guess this is about when it formed.

    A lot later than I'd have guessed.

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