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Global Warming - Earliest Tropical Storm

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  • Global Warming - Earliest Tropical Storm

    As the world warms tropical storms and hurricanes arrive earlier and earlier. This one in the Eastern Pacific is the earliest on record. Yes, this global warming tropical waters is also killing the corals.


    Earliest tropical storm on record develops in the eastern Pacific

    By Haley Brink, CNN Meteorologist

    (CNN)The first tropical storm of the 2021 eastern Pacific hurricane season formed off the southwest coast of Mexico on Sunday.

    Tropical Storm Andres is the earliest tropical storm to ever form during the satellite era in the eastern Pacific, surpassing Adrian in 2017. Andres also holds the distinction of developing before the official start of eastern Pacific hurricane season, which begins on May 15.
    Get the latest weather news and forecast path on hurricanes this season.It's not the first time a tropical system has developed before the official start of hurricane season. The eastern Pacific has had either a tropical depression or tropical storm form prior to the official season in three of the last five years.This system began developing on Friday, and has since strengthened into a tropical storm. Tropical Storm Andres currently has sustained winds of 40 mph and is tracking to the northwest at 6 mph."Increasing southwesterly to westerly shear and drier air to the west of the cyclone should prevent any significant additional strengthening," the National Hurricane Center said Sunday.
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