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Archaeologists find possible site of Jesusís trial in Jerusalem

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  • Darth Executor
    The comments section is the best part

    Global Civilization rooted in Christianity. So Jerusalem must be under global control. Not Old Testament's adepts - Judaic or Islamic - control. Vatican - welcome.

    Jerusalem is the capital of the Jews. The fact that Christianity is based on Judaism, doesn't make the country (or the capital) of the Jews a property of the western world.
    Christians are welcome to visit the Jewish state and Jerusalem as visitors.

    What about Muslim's carrying back packs.

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  • Cerealman
    I like reading the comment section

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  • JonathanL
    Originally posted by Scrawly View Post
    Word to the wise - avoid the comment section.
    No need to worry, Ghostery blocks the comment section for me, and I'm too lazy to unblock it.

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  • Scrawly
    Word to the wise - avoid the comment section.

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  • Archaeologists find possible site of Jesusís trial in Jerusalem

    For Shimon Gibson, an archaeology professor at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, there is little doubt that the trial occurred somewhere within Herodís palace compound. In the Gospel of John, the trial is described as taking place near a gate and on a bumpy stone pavement ó details that fit with previous archaeological findings near the prison, he said.

    ďThere is, of course, no inscription stating it happened here, but everything ó archaeological, historical and gospel accounts ó all falls into place and makes sense,Ē Gibson said.

    Pretty neat.

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