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Ancient Greek 'Masterpiece' Revealed on Thumb-Size Gem

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    Originally posted by Adrift View Post
    I think this was on just a few years before the stuff you mentioned like Ducktales and Chip and Dale. It was during a period when Nickelodeon was importing a lot of cool cartoons and shows from other countries like Danger Mouse, Count Duckula, You Can't Do That On Television, and the like. There's actually another cartoon from the same creators of Spartakus called The Mysterious Cities of Gold, but I don't think I ever caught it. The other cartoons you mentioned sound newer, so I haven't heard of them. I don't really watch much animation anymore unless it's films. Looks like a lot of good stuff out there though. The animation is so much better than it was when we were kids.
    I do remember Danger Mouse and Count Duckula. I watched the latter quite a bit actually. When I was young I would watch just about anything animated, well, that I was allowed to watch anyway. My dad was a bit overly strict when I was young.

    Well, I'm not sure I would say the animation has gotten better. For evidence of the contrary you can look at a lot of the stuff on Disney XD, and Cartoon Network. They have stuff like Uncle Grandpa, Clarence, Hector and Korvich, and some of the other garbage out there. I mean, Hector and Korvich looks worse than art I've seen by little kids.

    From the late 1980's to around 2010 I was almost always able to find at least 2 or 3 good cartoons on any channel with animation. Now, I'm lucky if I find 1. Right now Disney XD is the only channel I've been able to find with anything decent, and even then it's overrun by the amount of garbage.

    Anyway, some of the stuff I mentioned, especially Atomic Puppet are things you might look into when you have more free time than usual. Especially Atomic Puppet since it's cut into ~15 minute chunks for most episodes.

    Like you I hadn't been watching much animation outside of movies recently, until they did the DuckTales reboot. I wanted to give it a chance since the animation looked decent. Although admittedly it was just different enough to be a bit off putting at first. I was delightfully surprised by it, since reboots tend to be pretty bad*. Since then I got into Atomic Puppet, and bought stuff like the original DuckTales Season 1 and 2. For Christmas I was also given some Looney Tunes cartoons, a DVD set with Dexter's Lab, Johnny Bravo, Ed, Edd, and Eddy(not really a fan of that one), and Courage the Cowardly Dog. Unfortunately it only comes with like half of season one for each of those. I guess you get what you pay for.

    *Looking at yo Teen Titans Go!.


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      Originally posted by shunyadragon View Post
      Living in denial. The detail is more if not greater than the Greek example.

      The following are beads magnified and much smaller than the Greek figure.
      So how old are these beads? and give source info backing it up.

      The details are small but I would not say as good as the greek one. Just simple lines carved into the beads. No three dimensionality. No composition. Just decorative.


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        Originally posted by Raphael View Post
        You say the beads are magnified (and indeed they are). But there is nothing I can find after doing an image search that gives any indication of the actual size of the pieces.

        There is also nothing I can find that gives an actual date.

        AND more importantly, the key issue you're completely ignoring, even if the beads have detail as small and as fine as the PCA (and the artwork as brilliant, the art of the beads is crude in comparison) then we are still left with the puzzle of how did they see the level of fine detail.

        The problem is not the techniques for carving stone, but the ability to actually see the detail that is being carved. For that you need magnification.
        Well they say that people were smaller back then. Maybe they were REALLY smaller.


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          Originally posted by rogue06 View Post
          I did and looking at even later pieces, such as this larger (3" tall) one from the Western Zhou dynasty (9th-8th century B.C.) which is considered a splendid piece (selling for $100,000 at an auction at Christies in 2016), it looks flat and lifeless in contrast to the "Pylos Combat Agate."


          Here are a couple rare pieces from the time of the Shang dynasty (the start of which is contemporaneous to when the Greek stone was carved) size unknown.



          Again, no comparison to

          I ran across this 0.6" long carved carnelian from 503 B.C. that sold at auction earlier this year. Really nicely executed and been known since at least the 1740s.


          I'm always still in trouble again

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