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Is 7Q5 a fragment of the Gospel Mark?

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  • Is 7Q5 a fragment of the Gospel Mark?


    Some claim 7Q5 is a fragment of the Gospel Mark.

    Originally posted by
    Among the Dead Sea scrolls, 7Q5 is the designation for a small Greek papyrus fragment discovered in Qumran Cave 7 and dated before anyone claimed to be able to identify it by its style of script as likely having been written sometime between 50 B.C.E. and 50 C.E. The significance of this fragment is derived from an argument made by Spanish papyrologist Jose O´Callaghan in his work ¿Papiros neotestamentarios en la cueva 7 de Qumrân? ("New Testament Papyri in Cave 7 at Qumran?") in 1972, later reasserted and expanded by German scholar Carsten Peter Thiede in his work The Earliest Gospel Manuscript? in 1982. The assertion is that the previously unidentified 7Q5 is actually a fragment of the Gospel of Mark, chapter 6 verse 52-53. The majority of scholars have not been convinced by O'Callaghan's and Thiede's identification[1][2] and it is "now virtually universally rejected".[3][4]
    I consider the fragment translation hypothetical and the word too unconnected, including questionable assumptions of some of the marginal letters to be a stretch for there to be a reasonable interpretation that it is from the Gospel of Mark.
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    It likely isn't.


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      Here is the evidence as it is presented to be from Mark's gospel.
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        For once, I agree with shunya.
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