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Cool find in Austria

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  • Cool find in Austria

    Generating a lot of interest in the country but not so much over here.

    Source: "Discovery of a lifetime" golden sun bowl discovered in prehistoric settlement

    Archaeologists conducting excavations in a prehistoric settlement in Ebreichsdorf, Austria, have discovered a golden sun bowl dating from 3,000 years ago.

    Excavations in Ebreichsdorf have been carried out since September 2019, where archaeologists found an ancient settlement dating from between 1300-1000 BC, which researchers associate with the urn field culture (related to the cremation type of funeral rites).

    The bowl was found close to the wall of a prehistoric house and is decorated with a sun motif depicting the rays of the sun. It is made of very thin sheet metal, consisting of approximately 90 percent gold, 5 percent silver, and 5 percent copper.

    Inside the bowl was coiled golden wire wrapped with organic material clumps that was originally fabric sewn with gold thread. The research team suggests that the fabric could have been decorative scarves, used during religious ceremonies for the worship of the sun.

    Archaeologist Dr. Michał Sip from Novetus said: "This is the discovery of a lifetime", who believes that the bowl is one of the most important archaeological discoveries in Austria in recent decades.

    The bowl is the first of its kind found in Austria, and the second to the east of the Alpine line, with only thirty or so such golden bowls ever being discovered throughout all of Europe.

    Since excavations began in 2019, up to five hundred bronze objects consisting of pins, daggers, and knives, and various ceramic clay vessels, shells, and animal bones have been discovered near to the settlement.

    It is suggested that these finds were deposited in an ancient swamp or dried up riverbed, and were thrown into the water during religious rituals by the inhabitants of the settlement.

    The bowl will be placed on display at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, with excavations of the settlement site to continue for the next six months.


    © Copyright Original Source

    A nice piece from a time we don't know that much about.

    A local piece through Google translate

    Source: Ebreichsdorf: 3,000 year old gold treasure discovered

    In the course of the expansion of the Pottendorfer line from Vienna-Meidling to Wiener Neustadt, extensive archaeological finds were uncovered in Ebreichsdorf that are dated around 1,000 BC.

    The highlight is a gold treasure that was hidden around 3,000 years ago. This was placed under protection by the Federal Monuments Office due to its "Europe-wide importance", the ÖBB announced on Thursday by broadcast.

    "Spectacular" gold treasure discovered in Ebreichsdorf

    Christoph Bazil, President of the Federal Monuments Office, described the discovery of the gold treasure as "spectacular" and the archaeological excavation in Ebreichsdorf "went down in history". According to the broadcast, a gold bowl, gold spirals and remnants of a gold-interwoven textile were specifically found.

    Settlements from the Bronze Age have also been uncovered

    During the excavations, which have been ongoing since 2019, a settlement from the late Bronze Age (1,300 to 800 BC) was uncovered almost in its entirety. In total, an area of ​​70,000 square meters was examined and 5,000 find numbers were assigned. The discoveries - including the remains of residential, work and storage buildings - give insights into the living conditions and the living conditions at that time. The plan is to make the finds accessible to the public after the scientific work has been completed in the Natural History Museum in Vienna.

    Franz Bauer, CEO of ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG, stated that archaeological excavation work as part of "such a major project" is also required as part of the environmental impact assessment. "Building new things and preserving the old is one of our premises when implementing construction projects."

    For ÖBB, the expansion of the 50-kilometer Pottendorfer line is "an important measure to expand capacity on the southern route". According to the plan, the two-track system will be in place by the end of 2023.


    © Copyright Original Source

    [* the second source has two videos (in German) *]

    Ebreichsdorf is a very short drive south of Vienna.

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