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A scientific study of gays in the wild

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  • A scientific study of gays in the wild

    The author of this story is a high school teacher, analyzing this chart: (As with all sites that deal directly with homosexuals and homosexual behavior, language warning at the link.)


    Zooming back out, it's striking how few of the nation's cultural capitals and fun-loving destinations are heavily infected. New York, LA, Chicago, Miami, Nashville, and Dallas are no-shows. Boston and Las Vegas just barely chart. Note that the size of the city and cost of living do not make the difference, as San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle, Portland, DC, Atlanta, Denver, etc. have no trouble attracting crowds of queers.

    Academic or intellectual capitals are more encouraging because the residents are nerds with no sex drive, hence there is no potent heterosexuality to freak out and drive away the Peter Pans who still find girls yucky. In combination with the result about Puritanism, this suggests that a population where the majority is asexual will be the most tolerant toward homosexuals. That whole domain of life just doesn't register on their radar, so how could they get disgusted by flagrant deviance and try to shame it back into the closet?

    I think you see this pattern operating at the global level as well. Joyless races like the East Asians and the Scandinavians are way more tolerant than the ebullient Mediterraneans and Middle Easterners.

    France is an especially fascinating case here -- they're the one country that contributed much to the Enlightenment, yet has an active mainstream (not fringe) movement against gay marriage. But then France is not made up only of egghead Parisians in the northern Plain -- there are all those honor-oriented highlanders in the eastern and southern parts, particularly along the Mediterranean coastline. The inheritors of the Troubadours do not want to see their glorious boy-meets-girl tradition corrupted...
    Does this tend to match your observations of gays in real life? Does the prevalence of gays track with the prevalence of generally de-sexualized individuals in the public sphere? Talk amongst yourselves.

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    Do we really have to have this incredibly distasteful homophobic hate literature in NS301?


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      Originally posted by HMS_Beagle View Post
      Do we really have to have this incredibly distasteful homophobic hate literature in NS301?
      Even if you build a troll a bridge to nowhere, he won't stay under it.

      Epoetker seems to be a troll. Place him on ignore, and whether or not he actually goes anywhere, you won't be tempted to feed him.


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        You know "nerds" and "queer people" are not mutually exclusive groups? In fact, there's a huge amount of overlap between the two. (Also, nerds have low sex drives? Which nerds have you been talking to.)

        I'm surprised SF is lower on the list - the Bay Area is super awesome. Totally want to visit there at some point. (I mean, I also would seriously doubt the validity of the stats in the first place given the source.)
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          From the "scientific study"
          ...It has nothing to do with suntanning queers wanting warm weather,

          ...but in other ways it has served to weaken communal resolve against deviance -- homosexuality, divorce, and suicide

          ...Most of the homo activity in the Northeast

          ...The flourishing of faggotry in Puritanical areas will be a recurring theme here

          ...The hedonistic descendant of the anything-goes Dutch colony has driven its queers out toward Boston

          ...Dixie is the only sub-region where folks keep homo activity to a minimum

          ...we're back to the clear case of Puritans breeding the queers.

          ...The inheritors of the Wild West in Arizona have likewise remained hostile to the faggot frontier.

          Faggot. Queer. Homo. This is hate speech pure and simple. TWeb standards should be better than that. Can we please have this whole thread moved to a more appropriate area, like the dumpster?


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            Beagle, if you have an issue, the report button is appropriate. But for public clarification, we allow for discussion of very unpopular ideas, you bring a lot up yourself. There are people here who self-identify as "queer" so we removed that word from the censored list. If that word should still be on the censored list, I invite those who do self-identify as "queer" to PM me and explain why. That subculture is not mine, there might be something I do not understand. But understand, that if we censor it, it will be across the board censored, so people will not be able to use it to identify themselves. Epo didn't quote "homo" or "faggot" as we do not allow those words on this forum, however, it becomes impossible to discuss unpopular ideas, including unpopular anti-Christian ideas, if you don't allow outside authors to say whatever distasteful things they wish. Please don't quote those words here.

            We already had a thread on evolution and racism here, and if people can act like adults, not use language that is not allowed here, or leave the thread alone, we are not going to censor a thread on the basis of a very unpopular idea.

            This has absolutely zero to do with what the staff agrees with or not --- if we moved every thread someone found distasteful, you would find yourself on the wrong end. But we don't do that. Feel free to start some thread on scientific studies on why people allegedly use religion as a crutch or how religious people are stupid, etc.

            Epo knows what words and over the line things can't be said here, he trod very carefully and gave a language warning for the link. However, this probably belongs in anthropology as it is asking about the scientific study of human behaviour.

            My words here are NOT to be taken as an endorsement of the content. They are to be taken as an endorsement of my commitment to not censoring unpopular ideas, particularly ones I might find personally objectionable. As a Christian, I have already been on the receiving end of that in culture, I will not do it to other people. "Shut the heretic up!" is not an intelligent response to things we believe are evil or wrong.

            Please taken any complaints about forum moderation policy to either PM, report button, or the Padded Room. See, we won't silence your criticism either.
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              Originally posted by Outis View Post
              Even if you build a troll a bridge to nowhere, he won't stay under it.

              Epoetker seems to be a troll. Place him on ignore, and whether or not he actually goes anywhere, you won't be tempted to feed him.
              what he just said.
              A happy family is but an earlier heaven.
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                Perhaps Epo meant it as a joke, but the title of thread really rubbed me the wrong way in that it would be appropriate way to refer to animals, not people. Maybe it is just me. Just saying.

                I didn't read the link. I don't care to read someone who can't make an argument without slurs.
                The State. Ideas so good they have to be mandatory.



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