This the first part of the Ballad of Kilkenny, a work in progress, based on the history if Ireland reflected in the history of Kilkenny.

The Ballad of Kilkenny

The dark forest around Kilkeeny
Is dark and evil indeed
Of demons, werewolves and witches.
Filled with evil seed

Foolish men cursed as they dreamt
To dwell in the forest by night
In the spell of the witch’s delight.
To be wered as a wolf in the moon light.

If the body is moved before dawn
Before a five day wake,
A wered wolf he will remain,
Under the curse of the evil Dame Ailish.

Blood and bones of men, women and child
Under the spell in the evil shadows there
Meals of the evil Dame and Diabhal.
The dark one does not need be picky here.

Iron blade and will of Usdaie* ruled
Dancing and bitching to the Diabhal’s delight.
In the comfort of the chambers of Dame Ailish,
And in the dark forest naked in the moon light

There are many prideful fools with iron tools,
in Kilkeeny for easy picking
For the evil Dame and the Diabhal’s bidden
Bound to the will of the Darkest one lurking.

The glint of the Devil’s grins
Glimpses in the shadows amongst
Crags of Deare-Fearna, stony bites in dark midens.
Waiting for the day of the Norseman and the warring cousins.

No angels here, Grugauch lurk in the hearth,
And scurry through wood as hairy elf or naked lass,
To seduce and deceive the willing fool.
Leaving many tales of lessons not learned.

Hope glimmers in rhyme and verse,
Visions of new days unseen,
With sun lite morns all is born anew,
As the spring brings cloaks of gold and green.

May the minions of good and evil retreat in shame to the caves
All may be born again in nature’s womb and earthly pleasures,
Free from the pain and guilt of the fable’s transgression,
And the Emerald Isle may rise again in the azure sea.

*Usdaie Celt tribe in the region of Kilkenny