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When the Skies Were Silent

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  • When the Skies Were Silent

    barren sky mountains-landscape-1149468_1920.jpg

    When the skies were silent,
    No song came from the clouds;
    No whisper wafting on the wind
    To calm the madding crowds,

    No burning words of wisdom
    That leave a man in awe;
    No key to all my problems
    That opens every door.

    I sat there in the quiet,
    Frustrated and alone;
    Despair welled up inside me,
    To which I’m all too prone.

    But then I looked up at the trees
    That speak of his great artistry;
    The sun and rain, each in their time,
    His generosity;

    A mountain’s great endurance
    Reflects His faithfulness;
    Birds sing songs of glory
    That words cannot express.

    Animals at play give us
    A glimpse of His pure joy;
    The beauty of the stars above
    Our sins cannot destroy.

    A shoulder there to cry on,
    A smile and warm embrace,
    Expresses part of His great love,
    His mercy and His grace.

    So when the skies are silent
    Above the dreadful noise,
    I’m clear on my assignment:
    It’s my turn to be His voice.


    Nakonec pravda vitezi (In the end the truth wins)

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