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  • Drowning


    I barely have the strength to keep my head above the waves,
    My face bombarded by a roar of driving rain and spray;
    The broken hull of my old ship is sinking out of sight,
    Flashes from the thick, black clouds illuminate the sky.

    I’m losing vital body heat, my limbs are growing numb,
    Cries of rage and anguish pour from my embittered tongue.
    I’m sure the sharks are circling below me in the deep;
    As soon as one dares venture up, I’m nothing but fresh meat.

    I let my head go under, the storm is muffled, faint;
    My struggle to survive seems somehow unimportant, quaint;
    I am so very tired now, why not just let go
    And let my body drift down where the mighty currents flow?

    Off to my right approaches a patch of light and calm,
    Could it be the peaceful eye within this awful storm?
    A chance to feel the sun upon my face one last sweet time,
    Float a while, forgive the world, then join the glorified.

    I spot a pair of sandals on the surface over me;
    The one who lost them overboard evokes my sympathy,
    But then a strong hand reaches down from between the two,
    Grabs and pulls me up into the clear and crystal blue,

    It is the Lord of Life, he came walking on the waves
    Through this brutal hurricane my puny soul to save!
    He rebukes the mighty storm, the sea becomes as glass;
    Every cloud evaporates, the sky is blue and vast.

    “Take a breath, get back your strength, be healed and be restored
    To the role and purpose you were created for;
    There’s still so much for you to do before I call you home:
    Many tasks and challenges, and skills you need to hone.”

    And so he walks me to the shore,
    Where life awaits and so much more,
    Invigorated, full of joy and hope enough to share.

    From this day I start afresh,
    Battling my mortal flesh,
    Beginning every morning in grateful, reverent prayer.

    When we talk at length,
    It gives my soul new strength,
    To carry out each worthy work for which I am prepared.

    Nakonec pravda vitezi (In the end the truth wins)

    Nobility Among Us and Beyond the Mist are now on sale worldwide, as is my first poetry collection, Selected Verse - Faith and Family and my second, Selected Verse - Heroes and Wonders

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    A Hope That Burns

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