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Reflections on the Land of Nod

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  • Reflections on the Land of Nod

    The Land of Nod was a region about the size of a 6 rural counties in Alabama,
    inhabited by 17 descendants of Adam and Eve.
    From yonder mountain to yonder valley,
    they roamed and hunted and gathered.
    It was their land and they knew this land
    They were primitives, living aboriginal lives
    close to nature close to God
    Most likely with heightened and finely attuned senses
    like a homing sense
    like pigeons, and a sense of the night
    like foxes and other animals that move in the night
    and travelling from one side of their land to the other
    took no effort and they did not tire easily
    Surely Cain would be found
    he set up camp and in time planted a garden
    the natives noticed the irregularities
    in the subtle ecosystem and in migratory patterns of animals.
    they knew someone was there
    and it maybe months before they encounter the intruder
    but Cain had a mark that will protect him
    it will protect him
    but he will not be accepted into their tribe
    This was not a city, nor a civilization
    the Land of Nod was a wild jungle.

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