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  • Blinkered

    blinkered cart-horse-3699130_1920.jpg

    Far below the crashing waves
    Of what things seem to be,
    Are powerful currents that will change
    The course of history.

    Far above the petty schemes
    Down on this squalid earth,
    Is a realm where all can see
    Which acts have lasting worth.

    So much more is happening
    Than we can ever grasp;
    How much broader will our vision be
    When we near our final gasp?

    What lessons will the Teacher grant
    Before our weak hearts fail?
    What glimpses can we share with Man
    Of what’s beyond the veil?

    What part of heaven can we bring
    To life in our own homes?
    What connects us to our kin
    Besides our chromosomes?

    Who will we turn to as our guide
    Through turbulence and doubt?
    In which good soul can we confide
    And know they won’t walk out?

    How can we be a solid friend
    To those who need our care?
    Be faithful with the gifts He sends
    And keep them in your prayers.

    Nakonec pravda vitezi (In the end the truth wins)

    Nobility Among Us and Beyond the Mist are now on sale worldwide, as is my first poetry collection, Selected Verse - Faith and Family and my second, Selected Verse - Heroes and Wonders

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    A Hope That Burns

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