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Winter Musing

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  • Winter Musing

    snow field forest sunset-3970093_1920.jpg

    When snowy fields at sunset have turned the world to gold,
    Remember truths you must pass on before your heart grows cold:
    An empty soul cannot be filled with momentary joys;
    A broken heart cannot be fixed with parties, tricks and shiny toys.

    Don’t entertain yourselves to death, but reach for higher things,
    You do not need to be struck blind or hear an angel’s wings
    To witness glory all around in little acts of love,
    Appreciate a kindness shown when push has come to shove,

    Let the lonely child know there’s a place where he belongs,
    Offer words of hope to those whose faith is not as strong:
    When darkness overwhelms you and your path is all but gone,
    The shadow’s but a passing thing, and you are not alone.

    The one who knows your heart and pain,
    Who knows your will to rise again,
    Who calls the storm cloud and the rain,
    Is closer than you know.

    So lift your head up strong and proud,
    And when before the madding crowd,
    Be not afraid to shout aloud,
    “In His steps I will go!”

    Should they choose to run you through
    For staying faithful, pure and true,
    Then heaven’s door will be in view,
    And joy will overflow.
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