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Tutorial: How to insert images from your computer

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  • Tutorial: How to insert images from your computer

    ​ click on the Image button in the toolbar.
    On the pop up window, click on the "upload" tab


    click "Choose File" and select the image you want to upload.
    The press "Send it to the Server"

    image-send to server.jpg

    That will take you back to the main tab. Here you can change the size of the image you want to insert, or to insert it, just click OK.


    Then the image is inserted into your post. You can ignore the list of images in the attachment window below your post.

    Just finish your post and click "Post Reply"​

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    Now that you know how to do it the hard way, There is an easier way to attach pictures from your computer.

    Drag and drop.

    Open a file browser on your pc and go to a folder containing pictures. Then just drag the photo into the editor window and release. It will show up in the attachments area, and you can just choose what size you want to insert it into the post.



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