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This is where you can display your original art work get and give tips and tricks or discuss artworks by others. Things like art history,paintings, digital art, sketches, pottery and glass sculptures all that belongs here. You may include photographic art but this is not the place for the holiday snaps or cute baby pics they belong in the rec room or lobby.

But remember, always play by the rules: here
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My PhotoShop Image Dump (WARNING: Image Heavy)

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      Any personal favorite or favorites amongst the collection?
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        The Tolkien poster came out far better than I hoped for (and is also a case of lightning not striking twice......I'm having a hell of a time figuring out what kind of image works well with this text effect).


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          All looking very nice. So do you have the latest version of Photoshop with that context-sensitive fill tool you were amazed by and talked about at the old Tweb? (Photoshop is making us all gods, or something to that effect?)

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            Nah, I'm stuck with CS4 which I've had for ages.


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