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I am giving up...

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    Originally posted by Seeker View Post

    Unfortunately, it's February 2021 and still nothing as far as jobs are concerned. At 26 years old and never once having worked or earned my own money, I have now fallen into complete depression and despair and I ain't even searching for it anymore. So, I will no longer be updating this thread.

    However, I still appreciate all the attention, advice and general camaradarie displayed here. Thanks, guys.
    I am sorry you are going through this, but hopefully when this virus situation clears up people will be hiring again.


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      Originally posted by Seeker View Post
      I am 25 years old, I have never properly worked in my life, I live off my mom's, I only study (online graduation), but I have absolutely no interest in my area of study either (IT)...

      Do you guys have any advice? What should I do? I am becoming rather tired of my own situation...

      Thanks in advance.
      My heart is broken because I see all of the homeless people in Camden New Jersey and Philadelphia. I don't have the greater means to fix their condition. Why am I not like them? I go to work because if I don't, I know what will happen.

      When I got my first job, I had to talk my way into it a little. What are you going to put on your application? You don't have a work history so an employer doesn't know if you are going to work or just file for unemployment once you get your job.

      I was once at work doing a job when an employer called my parent's house and my Dad lied and said I was out looking for a job. The employer immediately wanted me to call him back.

      How do you communicate your value to an employer if you don't have a job history or show willingness to work? Are you volunteering?

      The job market is hard and there are a lot of people with degrees that can't get work so I suggest you either get a trade, take a job or keep revising your resume and application skills and or further your education. It took me a year or more working on my resume to get it somewhere decent. I also found help from my local library on writing resumes.

      You should also think about places to post your resume like LinkedIn.

      I think you should apply at something like a fast food restaurant to at least show you are working and have a job history. What are you going to retire on? You haven't been paying taxes to social security.

      Don't give up and don't get discouraged. Keep coming back and talk to us.


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