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Pizza stone

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  • Pizza stone

    OK, who has one?
    Who uses one?
    Why do I need one?
    How would I use it?
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    You don't mean stove?
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      Nope -- stone....

      Apparently, you heat it in the oven then cook your pizza on it. It pulls the moisture from the crust, and makes the pizza crispier.
      The first to state his case seems right until another comes and cross-examines him.


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        Melmak won a pizza oven once. It sits on top of the stove and does a good job with pizza. Has a bottom burner and a top one, too.

        He has taken to making homemade pizza dough, too, lately.

        No pizza stone, though.............

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          Originally posted by Cow Poke View Post
          It pulls the moisture from the crust, and makes the pizza crispier.
          That's pretty much the ticket. It's for home-made dough. Doesn't do much of anything for frozen pizza.


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            We have one, but I don't remember the last time we used it...
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              I have one. Use it all the time. It does make the pizza crispier.


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                i have a wife instead. Voila! no cooking knowledge needed.

                ok, we have a pizza stone. two actually. works great. crispy pizza. we use cheapo mozzerella, contadina sauce and nothing else, outside of homemade bread dough.

                wife actually bought a stone for cooking french fries in the oven, and a small stone for the toaster oven.
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