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Welcome to the Home Ec Section. Matters of the family sometimes bring joy and other times bring grief. But it is never trivial: Family matters! Feel free to discuss topics such as the sanctity of marriage; the awesome responsibility of raising children; the struggles of communication problems; the grief of losing a loved one; or anything else that relates to the home and family. However, due to the more personal nature of this section, I ask that you would be especially thoughtful of the readers' feelings. My earnest hope and prayer is that the discussions in this section will help families grow in the love of Christ.

But remember, always play by the rules: here
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Fudge Addiction

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    Originally posted by Teallaura View Post

    Making that tomorrow.
    My mom makes something that is kind of like that, but has oats in it too. A friend of my dad called it "wheat fudge", not sure if it actually counts as fudge though.


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      Oatmeal fudge? Seems like I've heard of it, but never had any.
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        Originally posted by Teallaura View Post
        Oatmeal fudge? Seems like I've heard of it, but never had any.
        My mom just calls them no bake cookies, but they have peanut butter, chocolate, and oatmeal in them. They are really good.


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          Oh... fffffudge!!

          Someone had to say it.

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