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Bad breath & BO

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  • Bad breath & BO

    I came across an interesting article on current research on body odors, so I thought I'd share it. (Warning - contains one instance of a word that would get moderated here).
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    My daughter sweats profusely. We have her on a prescription grade deodorant, but if she exerts herself, she still sweats through it. We have to scrub the armpits of her shirts with soap before we wash them in the washing machine with detergent to cut the smell. She gets very embarrassed about it. BO and bad breath are very sensitive issues for a great number of people.
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      Some who have severe sweating REALLY bad, need botox injections because the glands overwork. However the typical script for sweat is LOTS of water, a pack of huggies wipes to go. In the morning dial soap and good deoderant. 2 times a week: Dial Soap (yellow bar) Iodine, deoderant, baby powder. Exfoliate the underarms and clear the pores while scrubbing morning and night.
      bad Breath: Brush the tounge. Twice a week, brush with baking soda. Use a disinfectant mouth wash at night. Avoid onions and garlic. Make sure you are cavity free, floss, don't smoke, and chew gom made with xylitol
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        I have an interesting (unfortunate) problem: I can't wear stick deodorant. Every kind I've ever tried gives me a rash within a day or two.


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          Smelling farts is good for ya.


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