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Alberta Medical Experts Speak - April 12,2021

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  • Alberta Medical Experts Speak - April 12,2021

    I am presenting this video here for information purposes. I want NO debate in this thread. If you feel you need to discuss this disparagingly, then take it to the PR.

    Securely anchored to the Rock amid every storm of trial, testing or tribulation.

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    If you are unfamiliar with the Great Barrington Declaration referenced in the video, here is a link.

    Securely anchored to the Rock amid every storm of trial, testing or tribulation.


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      "Neighbor, how long has it been since you’ve had a big, thick, steaming bowl of Wolf Brand Chili?”


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        I'd love to view it, but it spends more time buffering than actually playing. :-(
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          Originally posted by NorrinRadd View Post
          I'd love to view it, but it spends more time buffering than actually playing. :-(

          It did take a while to load for me, but is well worth the time. These two doctors and others are calling out the failures of governments and the medical community in handling the covid issue.

          From the text:

          On Monday, March 29, 2021 Alberta’s Multidisciplinary Team of David Redman, Dr. Roger Hodkinson, Dr. Dennis Modry and David Dickson extended an invitation to Premier Kenney, the COVID-19 response team, including Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Deena Hinshaw, and Minister of Health Tyler Shandro, to participate in a public forum, an academic debate, to discuss the Alberta Government’s response to the pandemic.

          The invitation was to engage in a transparent public discussion on behalf of Albertans regarding: The actual danger of SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 by age group. Identification and review of the Alberta Government’s pandemic response team’s supporting science, data and testing methodology that are being utilized to justify lockdowns and public health orders.

          The absence of an Emergency Management process, resulting in the absence of Due Diligence required in an emergency. The effectiveness and relevance of lockdowns and restrictions. How to shift the fear? That the risk from the virus is not at all proportionate to the massive societal harms caused by the lockdowns and public health orders.

          Given that the deadline of Monday, April 6th to engage in debate has expired, and given the unprecedented decision of returning to Stage 1, the press conference is intended to draw the public’s attention to a counter-narrative that vigorously opposes the Government’s current position. For over a year, the Alberta Government has imposed arbitrary restrictions on the rights and freedoms of the people of Alberta, resulting in unnecessary death of our beloved seniors, causing collateral damage to society, be that mental health, physical health, social health, children’s mental, physical and development health and wellbeing, limited access to healthcare, and devastating many businesses, small and large, across Alberta. The inhumane treatment of the people of Alberta must end.

          Securely anchored to the Rock amid every storm of trial, testing or tribulation.


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