Animal Husbandry 101 Guidelines

Greetings Animal Lovers!

Welcome to Animal Husbandry 101, this is the place for all things animal.

Did you get a new pet? Tell us about it.Do you have a question about pet care? Ask it here. Are you thinking about getting a pet? Let us know.

There are a great many animal lovers at Tweb anxious to hear about and join in the fun.

In addition to the regular set of rules called the DECORUM, others rules will be enforced here as well.

1) Please keep all pets on a leash.
2) Please clean up after those pets that aren't quite paper trained.
3) Gerbils are not good pets. It's a long story

Thank you and let the games begin.
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Let's see your pets!

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    Originally posted by rogue06 View Post
    Do you have any homing pigeons? If so have you ever used them to send messages.
    Well none of them are really pets, they're just some wild or feral birds that I give a bit of care and attention.

    Crested Pigeons - Woot, Slugger and half a dozen that I haven't named.
    Mudlarks: (mated pairs) Tomtom and Marree, Gakusha (scholar) and Bokushi (clergy-person) - their nesting site is under the eaves of an adult education centre two doors down from a church, Haiku and Noisy, and Neville and Tilda with their daughter, yozora (night-sky) - she's about 8 months old, normally mudlarks give their offspring the boot before they're 3 months old. My residence is in the middle of Neville and Tilda's territory.
    Magpies: a few, Maggie Mae is the only one that I have named.
    Carrier pigeons: Tack (the brave), Furutori (the irascible), Porkage (the nervous), Pyfillun (the brash), Doujou (translation: empathy) and half a dozen others with names. Scrawny (the unfortunate) died after a second nasty accident in the same week.

    sigpic1 Cor 15:34 εκνηψατε δικαιως και μη αμαρτανετε αγνωσιαν γαρ θεου τινες εχουσιν προς εντροπην υμιν λεγω


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