Animal Husbandry 101 Guidelines

Greetings Animal Lovers!

Welcome to Animal Husbandry 101, this is the place for all things animal.

Did you get a new pet? Tell us about it.Do you have a question about pet care? Ask it here. Are you thinking about getting a pet? Let us know.

There are a great many animal lovers at Tweb anxious to hear about and join in the fun.

In addition to the regular set of rules called the DECORUM, others rules will be enforced here as well.

1) Please keep all pets on a leash.
2) Please clean up after those pets that aren't quite paper trained.
3) Gerbils are not good pets. It's a long story

Thank you and let the games begin.
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Cat Burglar

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  • Cat Burglar

    On Wednesday, aug 15, last week, our security alarm went off at 5:30 am. I had come home from the hospital on Tuesday and so was a bit weak. My dear wife told me to go see who had opened our door to the garage. Grabbing my gun, inserting the mag but not chambering a round yet, I told my wife that I didn't want to go looking for someone in our house. But she encouraged me. Slowly, I left the bedroom with the gun and cleared room after room, finally reaching the utility room where we keep our cat at night, and where the offending open door was located. I opened that utility room door to find the door to the garage ajar just enough to set our alarm off and no one was in the garage. I had to conclude that the cat had opened the door, which I had forgotten to lock that night, probably because I was still a bit loopy from the surgery.

    The next day, I figured out how the door got ajar. My cat could open our doors. Here is a video 16 sec of him I caught on tape Wednesday. That is all the time it took for him to open this kind of door. Hope the vid works

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    My cat used to do that when we had the same type of door knob as in the picture. Sneaky, aren't they?


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      That's great! I love smart kitties.
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        Smart cat.


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          Cats rule.

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            I think it might be time to put in a "cat door".
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              are you missing anything?


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                Originally posted by Littlejoe View Post
                I think it might be time to put in a "cat-proof door".


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