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Lynn Erhorn is a licensed Christian Counselor with our Sister Site, Perissos Resources. TheologyWeb encourages you to visit and support this site. Here, Lynn offers her counseling "Minute Clinic," where you may ask questions and receive her professional response. Think of this forum as a Christian "Dear Abby." Please remember this forum is not intended as a full-service counseling solution and should not be considered a replacement for crisis intervention, medical care, or psychological/psychiatric advice. The reader is fully responsible for their response to anything read here and is encouraged to seek appropriate local resources appropriate for their needs. Lynn's license is in Pastoral Counseling and the thoughts expressed here are entirely her own, as she believes the Holy Spirit has led her. Your comments to those posing questions should be respectful and gracious at all times.

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    Originally posted by Apologiaphoenix View Post
    I also have a group for Christian men who are married, about to get married, or planning on marrying to help us learn how to be godly husbands.
    Should you? Considering the antichristian ineptitude you were guilty of here on this thread:

    Thanks, Sparko, for telling how I add the link here!


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      Ah yes. Good to know that Pope Hans has shown up to give us his opinion.

      Tell you what. How about you go and get married first and then tell the rest of us how we're all doing it wrong?


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        Originally posted by Apologiaphoenix View Post
        Ah yes. Good to know that Pope Hans has shown up to give us his opinion.

        Tell you what. How about you go and get married first and then tell the rest of us how we're all doing it wrong?
        1) I am not Pope.
        2) I was not giving my opinion on what is Christian, but my Christian faith.
        3) If I get married, you can start figuring out what some are doing wrong when you count my children ten or twenty years after marriage.
        4) Popes have a right and duty (my not being one is no excuse for my not knowing that) to give the full Catholic doctrine of marriage to married people even while not being married themselves.

        Your comment reminds me how bishop Clemens August von Galen in and of Münster was treated by two National Socialists after a sermon. He had condemned eugenicism in it. They told him "celibates should not pronounce themselves on procreation" and he answered "I forbid you to insult the Führer" (who was of course unmarried himself).

        I am sorry I can't repeat his retort : the people you are following in your views, unfortunately had the opportunity to misuse marriage. At least according to what they are preaching.

        Thanks, Sparko, for telling how I add the link here!


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          I only really use facebook these days...occasionally visit Tweb
          I have to say I have learnt a lot in the past years from one time I would post everything and anything, I thought being open and honest was the way to go.
          I have learnt better over the years.... I tend to question myself as to whether something would offend others (yes everything is bound to offend someone :rolleyes:) then I question as to how offensive something is and if someone who might be offended by it matters to me. sometimes I may post something that I had no idea would be offensive and if after it's explained I think the person has a valid point I might delete it.
          I refrain from posting anything too sexual (as in memes etc)
          I still probably post too much when I am angry or hurt at times though these days I might blog it on a site that I have no followers on just to vent.
          I dont post any photos that may be embarrassing to my kids or husband.
          most of my posts these days are information that has come up in my feed I find useful and think others might too or updates for friends and family like the reno's happening in our house


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            1. I don't allow profanity and foul language on my post or timeline. I either delete them or hide the posts.
            2. When someone wants to challenge me to a debate, I direct them over here to Theologyweb.
            3. When all you post is selfies on your page I will block and remove you. I'm referring to those who post 100's of them a day just to spam the timeline.
            4. Trolling with get you banned from my page.
            5. Don't advertise your business on my page.


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              1. No anonymous profiles. That is profiles that have no avatar, cover or information. I reject contact requests from these.
              2. I reject contact requests from members that have their walls filled with anti Christian and immoral content.
              3. Trolling - instant ban from my page.
              4. Spam and advertisements will get you removed.
              5. Flooding my PM box with forwards will get you booted.


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