Glory Seed Devotionals, 2015: Year of Promise
A praying doctor…

I took Patti (my wife) to the hospital yesterday morning for parathyroid surgery and while there I had a very unique experience in prayer, one I’ve never experienced until yesterday. While in the waiting room the surgeon came out and told us what she would be doing and then before heading back to the OR she bowed her head and began praying. A doctor praying to God for help in having a successful operation! It not only took me by complete surprise but also filled my spirit with a new found sense of peace and encouragement. And if that was not enough after the surgery was complete she came out and told us everything went well and Patti was in recovery then bowed her head again and gave a prayer of praise and thanks for God’s help. Actually she prayed three times because later Patti told me she had prayer with her while she was waiting to go into the OR.

I’ve read many books on prayer yet when Dr. Clark bowed her head in that public setting and vocally prayed not just once but twice that God would be with all of them in surgery and then thanked him because he was for me it spoke volumes. It didn’t speak on the mechanics of prayer or the theology of prayer but as prayers part in acknowledging our dependency on God. As an experienced surgeon who has been doing surgery for years she knew her training, skills, knowledge, and experience could only take her so far and there was a real possibility they might not be enough so she would need help beyond her present capacity and she knew God would provide her with whatever she needed.

Today there is a possibility that you will find yourself facing a seemingly insurmountable situation and there will be many things firing through your mind like bursts from a machine gun. One of them will be, “I need you God!” when that presents itself to you STOP, DROP and PRAY! (When I say drop I don’t mean to your knees I mean drop your guard and give God whatever he needs to help you and then believe and trust.

Anticipate! Experience! Believe! Be transformed!
Grace and PEACE, Amen!

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